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About Chetan Tarika

Hypnotherapist/therapist, member of the American board of Hypnotherapists and the International association of NLP

Tarika is an OSHO Sannyasin since 1999.

She is a certified advanced Hypnotherapist, NLP therapist and a member of the American board of Hypnotherapists as well as the International association of NLP. Tarika is the founder of OSHO TLV -l OSHO center in Israel

She has been trained at the “Osho international meditation resort” with Roger W. Vaisey (Premananda) and Greta Mildenberg (Prabodhi), both highly acknowledged international trainers.

Tarika has been working with people for more than 13 years, giving private sessions for individuals & couples as well as facilitating groups, meditations and AUM meditation in various Osho centers around the world.

Her studying and practicing of Tantric Tibetan Buddhism adds a clear dimension of meditation and mind training to her work.

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