Dr. Dawn Golten

Dr. Dawn's Offerings

The consultation itself is healing and restorative. We will discuss all aspects of their health and their treatment will cover the spectrum of their symptoms alongside the core constitutional remedy to meet their deepest selves.

30 minutes session – € 82.00
60 minutes session – € 140.00

About Dr. Dawn Golten

Homeopath and Bioresonance practitioner

Dawn Golten has 2 homeopathic qualifications to her name: in 1988 she graduated from the London College of Homeopathy, & more recently, in 2009, she completed a diploma at The College of Practical Homeopathy. Her background is in medical science, & she has a degree in Biology & Psychology from Keele University, and a postgraduate diploma in Immunology, achieved whilst working for The Imperial Cancer Research Fund & The Institute of Child Health in Great Ormond St., London.

Homeopathy is a form of medicine that encourages our bodies to heal. A homeopathic pill provides the body with information.

For example, if two different people developed a cold, one person may be prescribed a homeopathic remedy called Nat Mur and the other may be prescribed a homeopathic remedy called Allium Cepa. Neither remedy is considered a specific anti-cold remedy but both will catalyze a healing response within the body.

Homeopathy is about empowering the body to do the healing in whichever way the body’s innate healing ability knows best. As Homeopaths we understand that the patient’s body does the healing, not the homeopath, not the actual pill itself. The homeopathic pill is the vehicle.

Homeopathy strengthens the body, the immune system, the detox system, the respiratory system, the central nervous system, the digestive system, the microbiome, organ function along with all the other systems of the body. Homeopathy also strengthens our emotional health when that is needed to create balance.

With homeopathy, there are no side effects to other organs such as the liver or kidneys or mucous membranes.

Homeopathy works with the individual to bring balance and harmony. It empowers the individual’s Innate healing ability to enliven and create positive change. Homeopathy honors the vital force, it honors the individual, nature, it honors mother earth. It works with our innate ability to heal.

A client can expect to be heard deeply and to gain an understanding of the depth of their dis-ease. She has treated about 120 covid patients and all of them got better in a reasonable time frame. Two of them developed long covid. They are both now doing well.