Madhuri Z K Akin

Your Human Design

Short Reading – 60 min – $ 175.00
Full Reading – 105 min – $ 270.00

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Your Love Design

Short Reading – 60 min – $ 175.00
Full Reading – 105 min – $ 270.00

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Couple’s session

Plan 1: Two private sessions + one couple session:

  • 60 min sessions package: $ 500.00
  • 120 min sessions package: $ 750.00

Plan 2: One comprehensive session

  • 120 min sessions package: $ 440.00
    If one person has already had a reading: $ 345.00
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Tarot reading sessions

Short Reading – 60 min – $ 125.00
Full Reading – 90 min – $ 190.00

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All sessions on Zoom will be recorded and sent to you afterwards.
In all cases, birth info is needed a few days prior to the first session: date, month, year, time of day or night, and place.

About Madhuri

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Madhuri Z K Akin was born in California in 1952. She took Sannyas from Osho in 1973 and spent 30 years in his communes, eventually teaching Intuitive Opening and Psychic Palm Reading, and working in the Mystic Ring in the Osho School of Mysticism. She is the author of 6 books including Love at Dancing Leaves: a Tantra Memoir and The popular Mistakes on the Path, for which Osho gave her the title. In 1997 she was introduced to Human Design, which she has incorporated into her work and life.

Madhuri lives in England, where she paints, writes, and gives sessions online. All sessions begin with a Human Design chart, created from your birth info supplied ahead of time. Individual sessions, couples’ readings, tarot, and self-healing sessions are available; as well as Voice Dialogue. Most sessions are an hour and three-quarters, but shorter ones are possible.

Your Human Design Individual Session

You will receive your HD chart with all readings about the chart done in a live session with Madhuri. The session will be recorded and sent to you for reference.

What is Human Design ?

Human Design is a combination of several disciplines: astrology, the Kabbalah, the Hindu chakra system, the human genome, physics, the I Ching – but it is much more than the sum of its parts. It’s an amazingly accurate system of mapping the individual psychology, their purpose on Earth, and so much more – of the human being. It is called the Science of Differentiation because it supports above all how we each get to be ourselves; different from others, not having to be like them. Each human design chart is unique.

Your Love Design

A quick dip into your gifts and qualities around love, sex, relating, and all that good stuff… One-hour sessions into your Human Design – a revolutionary new way into knowing what’s really your own truth, not anybody else’s.

Couple’s session

Couples’ reading is a fascinating science, and takes much of the guesswork out of things. It will be clearer whether this relationship suits you – or not – and how to navigate in order to enjoy the best that’s in it, for both of you. Love is a mystery, but within that, it’s good to know what you are dealing with!

Human Design helps immensely in making sense of ourselves, the other, and what we are doing together, and gives us keys so that we can have the most graceful, respectful, nourishing, lit-up relationship possible.

You will get a chart for each person, plus one of you both together; and all will be fully explained – where things are difficult, where they are easy, how to deal with all this. . . and much more!

Any questions you have are welcomed during the session, or you can send questions beforehand.

There are two formats possible:

  1. Each person has their own reading – either one hour, or an hour and a half – and then, on a different day, you have one together.
  2. The reading can be done all at once, in a session lasting about 2 hours. This will include an overview for each of you, plus the composite of both together.

There is also the possibility that you are not in a relationship yet but are considering someone. This can be done as an add-on with a private reading, for a small extra fee; or in a short separate reading, if you have already had yours. (Best if the prospective lover knows about it and is okay with it!)

Tarot reading sessions

Once you’ve had your chart read, you might want follow-up sessions at different crucial times in your life – when there’s something troubling you, or you must decide something – or whatever might be bubbling up. Madhuri will sit with you, your chart, and her Osho Zen Tarot deck, and when the moment is right, she’ll shuffle the cards and fan them out – and with closed eyes choose one for each factor in your issue.

Then she reads them one by one – not by looking at them and interpreting, but by hovering her hand above the card with her eyes closed and receiving with her inner eyes and senses, whatever the card is showing. Then she describes what she is seeing. At the end there will be one last card: “The message for you from the Goddess”

What you will get to take away with you: A deep insight into what lies beneath the surface – perhaps a way forward – a sense of illumination and release. Excellent for those times when you just don’t know what’s going on or which way to turn.

Why should I get my reading ?

Discover the best way to make decisions, how you can tap into your right work, live your life purpose, create healthy relationships that honour who you are, how to activate greater vitality and well-being, and what you can do in the present moment to start living a truly meaningful life.