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An individual 60 minute Conscious Voice Transformative Healing treatment

Natalie combines her skills as a Reiki Master, sound healer and coach, to create a unique and deeply transformative treatment. With over 20 years experience in helping people to get the most from life, she offers a strong understanding of the connection between emotional, mental and physical, along with the necessary tools to help people transform.

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About Natalie Matos

Reiki Master | Transformative Healer | Singer songwriter | Intuitive | Coach

Natalie Matos has been blessed to be involved in coaching, healing and supporting people to create better lives, for over 20 years now. A Reiki Master and natural intuitive, she has dedicated her life to understanding how we can live in a healthy and happy way. She has trained and come into contact with a variety of energy healing techniques and therapies including Reiki, Quantum Touch, Shamanism and tantra.

Over the years Natalie has become an expert in coaching people to understand their inner self, helping to unravel the internal binds we create that can stop us from moving forward in life.

In 2014, Natalie developed ‘Conscious Voice’ – her own system of healing, Conscious Voice combines a variety of healing techniques with voice, music and intuitive guidance, resulting in a deeply transformative source of wellbeing.

By singing at certain frequencies and tones Natalie is able to help the body transcend the stress and trauma that it holds, offering something far more powerful than traditional energy work.

In addition, Natalie is able to offer intuitive guidance to gently coach people to better understand their inner self and subconscious patterning, often creating profound shifts. For those interested in deeper work, Natalie has a particular gift for connecting people with their inner child and working with the internal shadow, bringing a sense of empathy, understanding and self love that is truly liberating.

Previous clients have found Natalie’s treatments to be particularly useful for:

  • Emotional overwhelm and distress, including anxiety, depression, anger, stress and stress related ailments, relationship difficulties, bereavement and loss, sexual trauma & birth preparation
  • Physical recuperation, including pre and post operative support, cancer and repetitive physical ailments

Audio Courses
by Natalie


Dealing with Fear and Uncertainty

The session offers a powerful support to anyone feeling fear and uncertainty. A beautiful sense of love and nurturance, we were guided to work with the elements as a way of holding ourselves and each other in our own fear.

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Understanding and Working with Anxiety

Anxiety is the body’s way of telling us that there is something wrong. It’s generally something that we are not fully seeing or understanding – otherwise most of us would have the wisdom to try and change it!

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Conscious Voice Sound Healing Recordings Pack

Fear as an emotion is something we easily sense. It is a primary nervous system response that is meant to serve us and keep us from harm. When we feel it in another, we therefore feel it within ourselves.

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