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About Premamui Abad-Pedrosa

Tantra Facilitator with Tantra Woman and coach

Premamui offers tantra internationally, independently and with various tantra organisations. Her passion is to offer people an opportunity to realise their true nature, by bringing awareness into the practice of tantra… and ultimately to all aspects of human existence. When this is realised everything falls into place, bringing healing and transformation to any areas of life. Her workshops include meditation, tantra techniques & rituals, the power of tantric breath, conscious touch, tantra massage, conscious investigations, sharing, dance, celebration, among other practices…

Sometimes, just the right external help, at the right time, can bring a quantum leap in our lives!

Tantra acted as a wake up call for Premamui, leading her to drop her previous corporate career (as a Dr. Engineer and later on as a senior Energy Trading Analyst) and initiating a journey of self-discovery around the world over 10 years, in which teachers of truth from different traditions (tantra, tao, zen, meditation, reiki,…) and the mystics Bauls of India played a major influence. This journey was full of gifts, realisations, learning from direct experience, encounters, silence, tears, celebration… and, most importantly, it took her home to the only place of real rest: essence, source itself! This is the biggest gift she can share and is her motivation in everything she does, to facilitate that realisation in you, through the tools of tantra.

Premamui creates a safe atmosphere of respect, compassion, trust, relaxation and playfulness in her workshops. Pure Love and presence are the main guides in everything she does.

Premamui offers tantra privately and guides individuals & couples to bring more light, love and harmony to their relating, intimacy and sexual life using tantra and other tools (emotional awareness and codependency work).

These sessions are tailored to meet the unique needs of each one.

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