New Moon Sound Healing & Meditation with Natalie Matos

By August 10, 2020Free Webinar

August 19th, 2020

From 4.00pm IST

New Moon Sound Healing & Meditation

With Natalie Matos

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About the Workshop:

Join us for a free New Moon sound healing and meditation session this August moon, where Natalie Matos will be leading you into a place of deep relaxation, connection and learning.

Natalie combines Conscious Voice with the energies of the New Moon to create a truly unique opportunity for you to surrender to the holding, learning and new beginnings (however large or small) that the New Moon has to offer.

As many of you may know, the period of dark and new moon is a time for slowing down, connecting with the inner you and honouring your internal process.

This New Moon session is an opportunity to experience Conscious Voice – Channelled Voice and Sound Healing, combined with Reiki and Intuitive Guidance.

From this place of deep inner peace and connection, we enable ourselves to access a real clarity of thought and a level of consciousness that is so helpful during these times.

Experience Conscious Voice, Channelled Voice & Sound Healing

About the facilitator

Natalie Matos

Natalie Matos has been blessed to be involved in coaching, healing and supporting people to create better lives, for over 20 years now. A Reiki Master and natural intuitive, she has dedicated her life to understanding how we can live in a healthy and happy way.

She has trained and come into contact with a variety of energy healing techniques and therapies including Reiki, Quantum Touch, Shamanism and tantra.

Over the years Natalie has become an expert in coaching people to understand their inner self, helping to unravel the internal binds we create that can stop us from moving forward in life.

In 2014, Natalie developed ‘Conscious Voice’ – her own system of healing, Conscious Voice combines a variety of healing techniques with voice, music and intuitive guidance, resulting in a deeply transformative source of wellbeing.

By channelling her voice to sing at certain frequencies and tones Natalie realised she was able to help the body transcend the stress and trauma that it holds, offering something far more powerful than traditional energy work.

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