Katie Holland

About Katie Holland


Katie Holland is the creator of Awakened Bellydance. This gift is the intuitive synthesis and integration of her life’s studies and experiences to date.

Shifting focus from the usually expected outer form of belly dance to heart centered intuitive, healing movements. Katie will guide you to transform, transmute and embody your authentic, sovereign self.
Middle Eastern and sacred dances in particular have given Katie insights into the depths of her inner-womb and bodily wisdom.

Existing by her soul calling to embody, create and facilitate sacred dance healing processes. Awakened Bellydance has developed through love with the purest intentions of encouraging You to celebrate You! Katie’s pioneering methods of teaching and performing have evolved to fuse many different forms of movement and energy work.

Her aim? To enthuse, empower, cultivate and share this inspirational, magical energy to all she meets…

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