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Mohini's Offerings

What can you consult or learn in a private session with Mohini. She has been on the path of Tantra and meditation since the age of 18 and has learned from different masters and teachers.

Would like to offer:

  • how to be a multi orgasmic woman and open to sexuality and sensuality
  • how to navigate in different roles of being a mother , businesswoman, Tantrica and homemaker
  • how to live a tantric lifestyle (understanding connection of self , to others and earth)
  • opening to self love
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About Mohini Srishati


Mohini Srishati is a Versatile woman and surfing in real life through different roles of being a Mother, Tantrica, business woman, evolution expert and a traveller.She has spent time with many tantra teachers and is inspired by Osho, Goenka and Mooji. She completed a 2 years certified intensive tantra teacher training course with Tantra essence (Ma Ananda Sarita) plus many years of enriching spiritual experiences in her life.

She runs a successful travel and events company named LaVida travels. She is the organiser and teacher for Wonder Woman Festival 2020. Name of the festival is inspired by her own life and her blossoming into different roles and essence of Feminine. Being a Tantrica she likes to spread the message of living a sexually empowered and embodied life. She is organising both online and offline courses through ‘Evolve Beings’. She aimed to make spiritual teachings more accessible and easier digestible for people looking to evolve or expand in life.

In today’s sensual and materialistic era Tantra is the only evolved spiritual discipline that uses our senses and desires to achieve the goal of liberation. So we need to drop and heal that shame and guilt to start celebrating and enjoying our bodies to derive joy and wellbeing.

“Life is a spiritual celebration just play it in tune with the universe “.

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