Get to Know your Yoniverse

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Get to Know your Yoniverse


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No this is not taught in school and most of us
don’t receive this information at home either.

So where to get it?
How to get to know YOUR Yoniverse?

Here is your opportunity!
Straight to you in the comfort and privacy of your own home!

LIVE 3 Day Masterclass

In this immersion you will :

  • Re-write the conditioning that holds you back from experiencing feeling sensations, love, presence, and pleasure with and in your yoni
  • Release imprints you carry from unprocessed sexual experiences
  • Experience the connection between your heart and yoni
  • Work with sexual energy and learn how to activate it
  • Own your eros, desire and pleasure
  • Get the pleasure anatomy education class you wish you received as a teenager
  • Learn how to increase sensitivity throughout your body, internally and externally, focusing on the keys to this practice
  • Expand the range of your orgasmic potential and learn the keys to unlock it
  • Be guided into a self exploration of your yoniverse, externally and internally … and much more!!!
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What you'll get:

- 9 hours of teachings, guided practices, and sharings
- 3 hours of pre-recorded bonus material
- Lifetime access of the course

a total of 12 hours immersion into YOUR Yoniverse


- Webinar on Blood Mysteries
- Additional pre-recorded session on "The Depths and Essence of The Yoni"
- Guidance on the technique of how to re-sensitize your yoni

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Immersion themes

Every day there will be teachings, live guided practices and Q&A with Taki’h!
Day 1

Addressing limiting beliefs
Letting go of what doesn’t serve you
Experiencing a deep connection between heart and yoni

Day 2

Working with sexual energy;
Understanding and owning your eros, desire and pleasure
Review of our pleasure anatomy
Broadening the range of your orgasmic potential and playground
Increasing sensitivity, perception and awareness

Day 3

Tips and guidance for self-pleasuring
Guided session to discover your Yoniverse !
Activation of sexual energy and Life-Force

About the facilitator


Taki’h has facilitated nearly a thousand women over the past 10 years in 25 countries over 3 continents. She has birthed the “Womb Wisdom Journey” to support women to re-align with the rhythms of nature and life, and connect to the full potential of their feminine based on their moon cycle, harvesting the treasures it offers them (even if they don’t have one anymore or even if their cycle is not regular). She also offers retreats for women on cultivating their own healthy and integrated masculine, and on soul emergence and embodiment.

This is an exclusive opportunity as Taki’h has never offered an on-line course for women before! You don’t want to miss this.

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"Taki'h is a force to be reckoned with. For your own good. If you truly want to rewrite your own relating to yourself, to others, to this world, there is no other way than going through the shadows. On the other side you find you. The way you were always meant to be. Pure, innocent, wild and powerful. Nothing compares to being truly alive. Who would choose anything else when you can choose this?”


“S h e I s A m a z i n g. I was touched to tears when we finished this workshop. How someone can have such a deep and straight, and at the same time delicate and gentle, way of working with these kinds of subjects. Working with life itself, working with the layers of being a human, working with how we grow into who we really are. I feel it's 'reconstructive work' happening in me. Something has changed. I'm finally starting to grow up. If you have willingness to grow into your full potential, Takih’s workshops are something not to be missed. With her you have a chance to take a step into that direction - or a giant leap, you choose. H i g h l y recommended! Thank you Taki'h for your guidance and sharings. ”


“I am all still vibrating the frequency of gratitude, feeling that our time together brought me again closer to knowing myself better, receiving myself with yet more love, patience, kindness and presence. Thank you so much for creating such a holy space where magic can unfold. Under your guidance it felt safe and easy to… recognize who we really are as humans, embodied souls on a journey. I returned back home feeling my body and soul in ecstatic union, the quality I always searched for in connection with the outside world was found within. It brings unbelievable peace, depth and pure joy to my daily life. I am looking around with new understanding, love and awareness. Thank you Taki'h for your wisdom and experience that you shared with us with such a sincere and generous heart. Thank you for the tools you gave us. With the methods you shared with us I am able to continue to work on my own. I bow to you with gratitude and love.”


“This was exactly what my soul needed and has had a longing for, for a very long time. I feel a lot lighter and yet more grounded. Words cannot describe how unbelievably grateful I am for the most amazing gift of remembering who I truly am. So unbelievably grateful to Taki’h for having the courage, strength and determination to take her own personal journey into all these places in her, so to bring this amazing gift to us all and to have enough trust in herself, the universe/source/god to gift us with this work.”


“I’ve done a lot of healing the past many years, but this is another level of healing. It’s that kind of work you can’t pretend in, you can’t escape from it, you can’t put a mask on and play with it. The only opportunity I had, was to face myself and everything I thought I was, and change the stories I kept telling myself…. I don’t have trust in many people, and I mainly have a damn good reason for it, because not many people have walked the path trough darkness, loneliness and heartbreak. I can sniff them out. Often it’s just wise words and showing. But this women is one of those souls I thank universe for showing up in my life. She walked trough it all. She spend 15 fucking years to claim her true power, just to transmit it to us, and help the world become soulful again. And every word coming out of her mouth is powerful enough to change your ways. I am not a sweet talker, but seriously: I believe she is a miracle on two legs.”


“Going through this journey with Taki'h was one of the best decisions of my life. I felt a strong calling to enter this journey to learn more about myself as a woman. I felt really nervous before starting, but with the support of Taki’h and all the wonderful sisters in the course I felt it was a safe space to explore myself. It challenged me to go out of my comfort zone… Through the many exercises, rituals and sharing with other sisters I got many insights about myself and my sexuality. I feel really thankful to be part of this group and would recommend everyone who wants to dig deeper into their sexuality and into themselves, to do a course by Taki'h.”


“I thank God I attended your group and that I met you! In these 3 days I learned more then I learned through my 30 years. Now I love myself more, and I know more of myself, of my true nature. Loving you and loving my new self!”


“This was an unforgettable and unique workshop which opened my body and heart, and shook emotions hidden deep inside me. It allowed me to cross barriers that I did not even dream were possible to cross. Taki’h guided me along this path safely, like nobody else has until now. She is a wonderful blend of an Indian goddess and a good witch.”


“I have spent years on my personal development. I have read books, attended meditation groups and visited various therapists. And yet it was this group that connected me directly with everything that was beating inside me; the power of my controlling mind had never allowed any of it out. Takih’s work is direct, deep, precise, professional, and loving. Her energy and presence give the group the quality of a safe and sacred space in which we are all accepted with love as we are. All this has allowed me to access the Goddess, the Wild and the Divine Woman who lives inside of me!!! THANK YOU. And thank you sisters! I will always remember you all shouting and dancing like wolves under the full moon, I love you!”


“For me the most helpful was probably the atmosphere of security, trust and support, thanks to which I could open myself. During the workshops I received a great dose of love, care, and understanding. I came back home with a sense of love, acceptance and respect for myself like I have never had before. Now I find that I am more open to people, while at the same time I can honor my boundaries regardless of the reactions of others. My heart is filled with gratitude."


“Being with Taki’h and seeing how smoothly she holds a space with her teachings, wisdom, courage, sensuality, she is remarkable woman with huge experience and that is what I admire in teachers. When they share actually their own experience not what is written in somewhere. I love your work because I feel you and most important I see you. Thank you for sharing your work and keep on going. I love you and hold you close in my heart! So thank you Takih and all the sisters. We are definitely bonded forever now.”


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