Goddess Essence – The Goddess Unveiled

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Goddess Essence – The Goddess Unveiled

Online course with Ma Ananda Sarita

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Women’s Erotic &
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Together we can change the direction from destruction to creation by envisioning a world worthy enough to leave to our children, and our children’s children.

The change begins from within. We need to discover our own inner nature. Do you love yourself? Are you aware of your own magnificence? If not, then discover how to love yourself. By doing so, this will reflect in your outer life in so many ways.

Yes, it is true that there are atrocities happening in this world everyday and we, as women have the power to transform that. Though it might seem like the world has an insurmountable number of problems, yet I have faith that because women are so powerfully attuned to love and love is the greatest healing force in the world, we can still bring about the necessary change to leave a wonderful legacy for the generations to come.

As more women tune into loving themselves, this will spread and become a full movement of energy and power. Since we are 50% of humanity we can turn things around, and it starts with me, with you and every woman you know. And like this the ripples keep expanding. Let us be proud of what we leave behind for our children and our children’s children.

In this immersion you will find the recipe for fulfilment in life by:

  • Gleaning vital information and practices on feminine wellbeing, health and beauty
  • Experiencing exercises of dance, massage, healing and meditations
  • Learning how to love yourself, embrace yourself and recognise your own magnificence
  • Finding a space for women like you to unleash your potential to live life more ecstatically
  • Benefitting your physical, emotional and spiritual awakening as a woman
  • Opening your clairvoyance and your ability to be a wise woman and healer for yourself and for all women
  • Gaining understanding of the spiritual path which is attuned to your feminine nature
The Goddess Unveiled

What you will get:

– 13 lessons carefully crafted and beautifully shot and presented in a package that can be explored at your own pace

– 38 videos of a total length of 28 hours of high-quality content

– Full discourses, full time meditations, rituals and learning structures

– Lifetime access to the course

– Bonus 3 Live Q/A sessions with Ma Ananda Sarita if you buy before December 10, 2020

How do you know if this program is right for you?


Finding fulfilment as a woman ?

If you have ever had questions around finding fulfilment as a woman, in your relationships with yourself, family or lover, or if you have issues that need healing and are a seeker of truth, then this course is for you.

Maximise your orgasmic potential ?

Perhaps you would like to go further and seek methods that would help you maximise your orgasmic potential and ultimately open a new dawn for the divine feminine everywhere, then this course is definitely for you!

Do you love your own body?

Do you realise how magnificent you are? It is through opening your potential that you will create the world you desire to live in.

The Goddess Essence – Goddess Unveiled Curriculum

All the lessons in this program have been prepared with full discourse, full time meditations, rituals and learning structures such as massages and body care preparation.

There are 13 lessons in the course and each one has theory – a discourse, meditations and rituals filmed in full length, so you can participate as though you were really there.

The course includes lessons, meditations, rituals, interviews, recipes, massage guidance, bonus material and more. In 38 videos (28 hours of footage), you will find high quality content recorded by experienced professionals of film as well as Tantra.

Lesson 1

Introduction to the Course :
This course includes vital information on feminine well-being, health and beauty. You will discover the fullness of your own inner potential and why you deserve to be a fully empowered woman!

Lesson 2

Goddess Embodied in Human Form:
The Goddess was banished to the netherworld for the past 2000 years and now she is emerging again into our planetary consciousness in a myriad of ways. Together and in the presence of her power and beauty, you will give birth to a harmonious world.

Lesson 3

Blessing the Space:
For any spiritual practice, blessing the space is incredibly important and supportive for creating a safe and sacred environment for meditations and rituals.

Lesson 4

Dancing the Demons:
Through the dance you are going to come into freedom and be in contact with your true nature.

Lesson 5

What I Love and What I am not Happy About with Myself:
Wonderful self-empowerment, self-love and self-healing methods will be shared

Lesson 6

Sundaram Meditation:
‘Sundaram’ in Sanskrit means ‘beauty’ and doesn’t just refer to superficial beauty but also the beauty that comes naturally from within us.

Lesson 7

The Body of the Goddess:
The Dance of the 7 Veils is designed to unwind and release the layers of ego protection that we have as women to integrate the whole body through a process of acceptance and love.

Lesson 8

Magical Beauty Scrub:
A ritual dedicated to your own beauty and to the beauty of your auric field.

Lesson 9

Dance of the 7 Veils:
The layers of protection that we have developed as women shut us down and stop us from living and breathing our fullest Goddess potential.

Lesson 10

Body and Soul Rejuvenating:
This unique facial treatment maintains a youthful glowing skin if done regularly. We experience rejuvenation of body and soul while relaxing and receiving.

Lesson 11

Atisha’s Heart Meditation:
By virtue of its very nature, the heart chakra transforms suffering into love. This is the quintessential tantra practice.

Lesson 12

Breast Massage:
A self-massage for your breasts to awaken pleasure, sensuality health and well-being.

Lesson 13

Breast Meditation:
This sutra from the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra, offers a portal into deep meditation for the feminine.

Ma Ananda Sarita’s Personal Invitation

This program is a condensed path, based on deep wisdom gathered through the years by Ma Ananda Sarita.

I have been following the path of tantra, meditation, holistic healing and you can follow your own path because every path leads to the Goddess. The Goddess within and the Goddess without. By discovering who you truly are, you open to your full potential. Join me as we go on this amazing, joyful, celebratory, sensual path together!

No matter where you are on your life path, transformation is always possible, you just have to find your portal to go through.

I want to share with you the essence of what it means to be a woman and be a Goddess and how to reclaim your full potential which is your birthright. Even if you were born in difficult circumstances or faced huge challenges in life, it is never too late. Follow your bliss.

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About the facilitator

Ma Ananda Sarita


Ma Ananda Sarita is a world-renowned Tantra master and mystic offering courses, retreats and trainings throughout the world.

She has embraced the Goddess within through many years of meditation, tantra and holistic healing practices. Ma Ananda Sarita met Osho in Bombay, India in 1973 and received a direct transmission and much personal guidance from him for the following 26 years. The teachings she offers are influenced profoundly by the fact that she is a part of Osho’s lineage. The enlightened vibration and wisdom she received from Osho is woven into the fabric of all her work.

True to the spiritual essence, Ma Sarita guides her students on their path of self-realisation and invites you to discover the fullness of your own inner potential, as a lover, a mother & creator and a wise woman.

She also helps people to transcend the psychological issues which are carried as a result of cultural conditioning and past experiences.

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The course exceeded my expectations. I have actually replied once already, when prompted in the facebook group, but I thought I might as well do it here too. The course gave me tools to strengthen myself from the inside. It gave me a different perspective of beauty. I have found a completely different value in beauty. I have found a strength in my feminine that I did not know I had. To let myself be sensual is great. I have become more loving towards my own expressions. Atisha's heart meditation was also very valuable to me. It took the edge off painful experiences in my life and gave me access to more compassion, both towards myself and people around me. I really appreciated the opportunities for Q&A. It made everything more real and made everything come closer. Thank you!

Mia Forslin

The content of the course moved me deeply ... It was what I needed.

Simone Santos

Very powerful and so beautiful. I love Sarita's attention to detail and how beautifully made the videos and whole course is.

Sarah Hoffman

Goddess Essence is a great gift to the world. I am so blessed to have come across the course when I was on the journey of discovering myself. I could feel tremendous benefits even though the course is online! The energy, the blessings, the beauty and the love are so palpable! I feel it is truly a rite of passage to the authentic womanhood in me. The significance of getting in touch with my goddess essence and playing together with other sisters is not something I was aware of before joining the course. I adore every inch of my being and blossom in freedom and love through the dances, the rituals, the breast massage and Atisha heart meditation. I feel incredibly empowered and expanded as a delicate, beautiful being in this lifetime. I feel very moved as all of the beauty being buried for a long time wakes up and radiates itself. I can't wait for the upcoming parts of the Goddess Essence series. Thank you Ma Ananda Sarita and the dedicated team for sharing this gem with us!

Sally Vo

I am thoroughly working through this work. Although I missed being able to share the experience with other women and the intensity that can come with doing so much deep work in a short period of time I felt I was incredibly blessed to be able to dive deeply into this work from any part of the world no matter how busy I was. I also enjoyed the experience of working through these slowly with plenty of time to integrate.

Donna Wilkinson

Sarita. the calm and very clear explanation of essence, putting so much necessary letting to be yourself, love yourself , the others, whole. It is not easy to practise, but I want the changes in my personal I am trying to do my best, with you together 🙂

Ruta Marc

I have been studying VIGYAN BHAIRAV TANTRA sutras for almost 2 year and Sarita is my teacher's teacher. Sarita is an amazing teacher with the lineage from Osho. It is a total eye opening, revolutionary and inspirational experience for me to take Sarita's online courses. To a female grown up in Asia like me, this course is really helpful to break through the old conditioned propaganda patterns and stereotypes regarding women's physical and mental essence. First time in my life I learned how to look at myself in a positive, healthy and healing way, not from the frames and color-glasses of the homogenized society. All the meditation, dance, facial, scrub and other exercises are so helpful and practical. I was really touched when I heard Sarita said that she hopes to help more women in this world which is absolutely needed at this time. The shooting of the course is very professional and the whole recordings are full of grace, beauty and peace together with Sarita's loving teaching and words of wisdom. I would recommend it to all my female friends and I look forward to taking more of Sarita's online courses.

Jean LuUnited States, Real Estate Agent, Goddess Essence - The Goddess Unveiled

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