The Master Lover

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The Master Lover


Master Class with Ma Ananda Sarita

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Learn Tantra From the Comfort and Safety of Your Bedroom

Become a Master Lover. Imagine feeling fully alive. Discover secrets for mystic union. Unlock the deep awareness that lies within you to your full orgasmic potential. Explore this world through Tantra and discover true Pleasure, Intimacy and Consciousness.

Experience everything with an open heart and all your senses. Immerse yourself in sensual delights and breathtaking orgasms. Feel divine power radiating from your every cell. Imagine being able to unleash this ecstatic energy and transform it into a spectacular, unstoppable force that shapes your life and expands your consciousness.

Tantra can make this vision come true for you

Whatever has brought you here and wherever you are at in life right now — there are ways of making this vision come true for yourself.

If you are here to awaken your senses or chakras, rekindle passion in your relationships, deepen your meditation, or find self-love, there are Tantric tools and techniques that offer a path to your deepest fulfilment and awakening. This awakening refers to all of these elements that already exist within you, Tantra is just the tool to unlock those pathways to your deepest desires.

Deep inside, you are already the wild, ecstatic soul, hungry to explore the secrets to life. You just need to get out of your own way, and to set yourself free through trustworthy guidance, encouragement and knowledgeable support.

It’s no coincidence that you are here! And we are so happy you’ve taken this step on the path to coming home to yourself.

We understand you might be overwhelmed by all the information available out there. The great news is that you don’t need any previous experience with Tantra. And if you do have it — you’re in for a treat. You also don’t need to put a label on yourself – it doesn’t matter what your relationship status, gender, or orientation is.

All you need to be here, is to be passionately curious.

This is where you will be guided and empowered to become the most fulfilled and blissful version of yourself. Most importantly, you’ll be able to take this journey within the safety of your bedroom – on your own terms, schedule and pace.

Tantra is a lifestyle, just like yoga is.

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What makes Tantra unique is its exploration of the marriage between love and spirituality and the depths to which one can travel.

One of the ultimate experiences of Tantra is to bring together two opposites — the feminine and the masculine — and through this union to experience The Divine.

We all have these two elements within us and it doesn’t matter whether you’re starting this transformation by yourself or with a partner. The only thing that matters here is your sacred journey of awakening into who you are truly meant to be.

This is a safe and sensuous space for women, men and couples who would like to unleash their potential to live intimately and more ecstatically.

An experiential way of expansion to your intimate fullness with Tantra principles in 6 rich lessons.

The course includes vital information on partner well being, health and beauty. Included are experiential exercises of dance, massage, healing and meditations as well as tantric practices for personal transformation.

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The Master Lover

True Benefits:

Now, MASTER LOVER’S profound wisdom is available to anyone, from any corner of the world – at their own schedule and from the privacy of their bedroom. The MASTER LOVER online course CONTAINS OVER 30 VIDEOS, which takes you deeply into the exploration of your intimacy in your safe and private space.


– Whole new level of relating emotionally and spiritually.

– True nature of being male or female with deepest fulfilment.

– Potential for being fully orgasmic is raised

– Live your full ecstatic potential

– Harness love, passion, intimacy in your connections

For Those in

Women’s Bodies

Discover different types of orgasms & their healing powers
Release stagnant energy & embrace Your-Wildest-Self
Feel empowered, fulfilled & ecstatically alive in and outside of the bedroom
Discover your true nature
Release stagnant energy & embrace Your-Wildest-Self
Feel empowered, fulfilled & ecstatically alive in and outside of the bedroom
Discover your true nature

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For Those in

Men’s Bodies

Develop full-body orgasms
Make love for hours and hours
Feel empowered, fulfilled & ecstatically alive in and outside of the bedroom
Discover your true nature

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Feel confident as a lover, partner & independent human being
Master the art of self pleasure & experience deep, ecstatic orgasms
Feel aligned & connected with your True Self

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Give pleasure beyond belief - to your partner & yourself
Deepen your relationship & acknowledge your soulmate
Transform love making into spiritual practice

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How You Will Transform

    • In this Tantra course, Sarita will take you through six stages of transformation.
    • You will get all the necessary tools, empowerment, and support to fully benefit from this journey.
    • You’re going to learn through theory and practice: lectures, meditations, rituals, dance sessions, massages, and more.

Please remember though that Tantra is a journey for a lifetime, not a one-night stand! We invite you to the world of Tantra, where you’ll be taught to own your pleasure and your power. Where you’ll be guided and empowered to become the most fulfilled and blissful version of yourself.

Transform love making into spiritual practice

Master Lover – Course Curriculum

By purchasing the Master Lover online course, you will have access to 6 lessons, where through discourses, meditations and ritual you will be guided into true intimacy with yourself, between male and female partners and between same partners.

Bodily Anatomy

  • This chapter brings you detailed information about male and female bodily anatomy with several little known facts that may blow your mind.
  • You will get to know your own body, your capacity for pleasure — and your partner’s, too.
  • As a part of the introduction, Ma Ananda Sarita and Dr. Dharmaraj will explain to you the female and male bodily anatomy.
  • This chapter isn’t just about human biology, there’s a microcosmos to explore including experiential exercises to awaken the senses.

Chakra System

  • A guide into the subject of our chakra map, offering astonishing revelations about what makes men and women different but complementary in all aspects of life.
  • Discover chakras — the human energy system — and how the Universe reflects itself in it.
  • A guide through the seven chakras – how they vibrate differently in men and women and how they influence each other.
  • How to experience orgasms in different chakras
  • Through chakra dance and meditation, how to integrate this knowledge into the union.

Importance of Rituals

  • Explore simple, yet powerful options for how to tune in with your partner in the present moment.
  • Experience pleasurable and enriching quality time with your partner.
  • Sarita will guide you through the world of Tantra rituals and will show you how to prepare your space for sacred love making.

Self Pleasuring Rituals

  • Explore guided self pleasure and its importance in our intimacy.
  • Deprogram and reprogram behaviours and patterns.
  • Sarita will show you — through various self-pleasuring rituals — how to reprogram your body and mind
  • How to use these techniques for ecstasy and spiritual awakening.

Spiral to Heaven Ritual

  • Using two different approaches, one for men, one for women.
  • “Spiral To Heaven” is a signature technique doing deep-healing sessions with individuals of all backgrounds.
  • That’s where all the previous elements — rituals, meditations, chakra dance come together.
  • Learn how to fully give and fully receive.
  • How to move from simply having intercourse to experiencing a divine union.

The Art of Fulfilment

  • The art of love based on Tantric principles of lovemaking, reaching ultimate states of orgasm.
  • Play with the two polarities of yin and yang
  • Discover the difference between various orgasms
  • How to extend your lovemaking for hours.
  • Learn to surrender and merge two bodies into one soul.
  • Guidance through the Peaks and Valleys meditation, to a complete Tantra transformation.

Is this Course For You?

  • Are you a single person, tired of seeking a new partner without success?
  • Or maybe you are in a relationship where both partners have been sincerely working on themselves and who are ready to take a jump to the next level?  
  • Do you have questions that need answering about finding fulfilment in your intimate life?
  • Do you have issues around your bodily autonomy or self love that need healing?
  • Do you seek understanding about how to have a more erotic relationship with yourself or with your lover?
  • Would you like to last longer in intercourse?  
  • Do you seek methods to help you maximise your orgasmic potential?  
  • Are you a seeker of truth and really want to find the spiritual path which is best for both the feminine nature and the masculine nature?
  • Are you interested to learn what is authentic Tantric Intercourse  instead of consuming a lot of misunderstandings spread on the web?
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If you have said yes to any of these points, then this course is for you!

Essentially, Master Lover is for each and every human being out there — whether single or in a relationship, young or old, straight, or experimental.

It’s for you if you want to go deeper into your sensuality to experience life-changing orgasms and powerful soul connection with your beloved.

And finally – it’s for you if you want to use this powerful energy and transform it into spiritual awakening.

Course Cost

 450.00 only

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About the facilitator

Ma Ananda Sarita


Ma Ananda Sarita has created a signature workshop which is transforming lovers all over the world, for years now. Her teachings on this subject are tried and tested and embody deep transformational methods, being a living bridge between ancient and modern approaches. Her programs are based on Osho’s approach but are also greatly inspired by Kashmiri Tantra, the Baul Mystics, and Gorakh.

“I love guiding my students on the path of self-realisation and awakening. My goal is to help them crack the shell they’re trapped in – as a result of cultural conditioning and past experiences. I’ve spent decades, almost my entire life, learning, researching, exploring, and experimenting – so that you can have it easier.”

My experience is your shortcut – and it’s my pleasure to share it with you through this course. The Master Lover online course is based on my Master Lover Workshop – an offline workshop that I have been teaching for years. Its tried-and-tested methods have already transformed thousands of love lives, of both singles and couples.’’

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