Women’s Erotic & Emotional Fulfilment

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Women’s Erotic & Emotional Fulfilment

Online course with Ma Ananda Sarita

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Goddess Essence -
The Goddess Unveiled

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This program is a condensed path, based on deep wisdom gathered through the years by Ma Ananda Sarita.

In the second part of the Goddess Essence course, Ma Ananda Sarita will focus on Women’s Erotic and Emotional Fulfilment. Here you will discover 5 master keys for the awakening of a woman’s sexuality.

  • Learn about the female sexual response in the genitals, throughout the body and the brain.
  • Understand the role emotions play in a woman’s sexual flowering.
  • Explore Woman as the portal for both birth and death and her potential as a Goddess.
  • Discover the role physical connection and intimacy plays in awakening a woman’s orgasmic potential.
  • Understand the positive and receptive nature of the chakra system and how Kundalini energy is activated in women.
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In this immersion you will:

  • Get a chance to recap part 1 of the Goddess Essence Course
  • Deep dive into the cycles of a woman’s menstrual life
  • Open the gateways to emotional fluidity giving your kundalini energy a clear passage for its ascent.
  • Find a space for women like you to unleash your potential to live life more ecstatically
  • Benefitting your physical, emotional and spiritual awakening as a woman
  • Cleanse, let go, heal so your wine of bliss can flow.
  • Connect with the erotic woman in you through awakening erogenous zones, learning full body orgasms, yoni take and yoni adoration and much more.
Women’s Erotic & Emotional Fulfilment

What you will get:

– 10 lessons carefully crafted and beautifully shot and presented in a package that can be explored at your own pace

– 50 videos of high quality content

– Full discourses, full time meditations, rituals and learning structures

– Lifetime access to the course

How do you know if this program is right for you?


Finding fulfilment as a woman ?

If you have ever had questions around finding fulfilment as a woman, in your relationships and sexuality. Perhaps you are in middle age, raising children and being a mother is your main focus.

Transition to becoming the wise woman ?

You could be a professional working woman wondering how to be a woman in a male environment. You could even be a woman who is going through menopause or who has already experienced it. You are in transition to becoming the wise woman.

Do you love your own body?

Do you realise how magnificent you are? It is through opening your potential that you will create the world you desire to live in.

We are all one family – a sisterhood. What a woman gains through her life’s experiences will help those who are also on that journey. Wise elders are needed to pass on life’s lessons. Likewise, wise elders can be highly inspired by the energy and lightness of youth. Young and old benefit from each other, just like in any tribe where everybody is interconnected and interdependent.

Women’s Erotic and Emotional Fulfilment Curriculum

All the lessons in this program have been prepared with full discourse, full time meditations, rituals and learning structures such as massages and body care preparation.

There are 10 lessons in the course and each one has theory – a discourse, meditations and rituals filmed in full length, so you can participate as though you were really there.

The course includes lessons, meditations, rituals, interviews, recipes, massage guidance, bonus material and more. In 50 videos, you will find high quality content recorded by experienced professionals of film as well as Tantra.

Lesson 1

Recap of the Goddess Unveiled:
This lesson is a time to reflect on what has happened in your life since Part 1 of the Goddess Essence online course.

Lesson 2

Introduction to the Course:
Beginning the Women’s Sexual and Emotional Fulfilment Group.

Lesson 3

Life Cycles:
How cycles of life and evolution are mirrored in a woman’s menstrual cycle.

Lesson 4

Giving Birth to Yourself:
This is a form of spiritual rebirth and the way to find out what is your new step in your life. What is the potential that wants to be drawn out from within?

Lesson 5

Emotional Fluidity:
When emotions are understood and accepted in all their variations, Kundalini energy then has a clear passage for its ascent.

Lesson 6

Death Ritual:
Die before you die so that you may truly live. This lesson includes letting go, cleansing and healing so that our wine of bliss can flow.

Lesson 7

Erogenous Zones Massage:
A wonderful method to awaken various erogenous zones all over the body. This massage offers a nurturing support to open up to pleasure and be able to experience full body orgasmic states.

Lesson 8

Full Body Orgasm:
Full body orgasm method is essential to awaken your entire orgasmic splendor. Bio-electricity can be awakened in your entire body.

Lesson 9

Yoni Talk and Yoni Adoration:
A wonderful method to tap into the time when we were girls between the ages of 7-14 and we experienced same sex bonding.

Lesson 10

Sexy Party:
To know what you want sexually is a source of strength of a conscious woman.

Lesson 11

Final Sharing Circle:
Get inspired by true experiences after participating in this course.

Lesson 12

Intimate Interviews:
Authentic interviews about how this work changes lives, awakening our potential.

Lesson 13

The Vibrant Joy of Pelvic Movement:
A special transmission from Kamelia.

Together we can change the direction from destruction to creation by envisioning a world worthy enough to leave to our children, and our children’s children.

Ma Ananda Sarita

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About the facilitator

Ma Ananda Sarita


Ma Ananda Sarita is a world-renowned Tantra master and mystic offering courses, retreats and trainings throughout the world.

She has embraced the Goddess within through many years of meditation, tantra and holistic healing practices. Ma Ananda Sarita met Osho in Bombay, India in 1973 and received a direct transmission and much personal guidance from him for the following 26 years. The teachings she offers are influenced profoundly by the fact that she is a part of Osho’s lineage. The enlightened vibration and wisdom she received from Osho is woven into the fabric of all her work.

True to the spiritual essence, Ma Sarita guides her students on their path of self-realisation and invites you to discover the fullness of your own inner potential, as a lover, a mother & creator and a wise woman.

She also helps people to transcend the psychological issues which are carried as a result of cultural conditioning and past experiences.

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