Wonder Women Warriors

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The Wonder Women Teachers Training Program – GOA

Wonder Women Warriors (Warriors of Love, Light & Wisdom)

18th May- 7th June( In-person)

5 months online (4 hours monthly, 20 hours in total online)

I am

Mohini Srishati

Founder of Evolvebeings, Curator – Wonder Women Festival, Certified Tantra and Meditation Practitioner, Life Coach

I was born like many of you in a traditional religious family. Most of the women in my family were housewives & got married by their early 20’s. I knew nothing about sexuality when I got married at the age of 24, had never self-pleasured or experienced an orgasm till the age of 29. 

Thankfully I met an amazing lover at an age of 29. With whom sexual/ love chemistry was something I had never experienced before. Relating and being with him opened some unknown doors of pleasure in me naturally. And I had my first self pleasure, Amrita (yoni nectar), orgasm through this relationship. Soon after I experienced my first full body orgasm but this time just dancing on coconut water, and that experience gave me a sense of sexual liberation. I understood that it was easier for sexual energy to move in & upward.

How does it feel to be a master of your own sexual energy?

How does it feel, when you don’t need any physical stimulation/ without the need of other people to fulfill/ pleasure you? 

Imagine meeting in a space of bliss between heaven & earth, in every pore of your body. This experience helped me understand, open, and deepen my connection with self, body & in relationships. Summarising my pleasure journey, experiencing ecstasy and bliss in the mind through this body.

Meet my other side– I am a seeker of eternal love, freedom & truth. This search took me to several masters, spiritual schools & modalities. Eventually the path of Tantra resonated the most. The path of Tantra has tools & practicalities to bring spirituality into manifestation. Tantric practises can support & bring these lessons into daily life, relationship with others/ self. 

  • Your journey in this path of tantra does not have to be similar to anyone else’s.
  • YOU can be a beginner in tantra or a coach, learning this program will help deepen connection to yourself & the principles of the feminine & masculine
  • Learning through this program can empower you to transition into a life/ spiritual/ sexuality coach.
  • You would be able to use these teachings in further helping your students or in your personal life. 
  • Through the WW Warriors Program we are creating a conscious community of women in leadership roles who would like to enlighten themselves & others. Who would like to lead as a role model, embody the teachings, and share with their local community/ world.
  • You will be mentored till the very end. With an added benefit of access to our exclusive ecosystem/ community to support this journey.
  • Along with an opportunity to teach via the evolvebeings platform online/ offline or offer counselling sessions. We are here to build a community of Evolutionary Women.
  • Feel deeply, express fully and artistically offer your heart devotion in ecstatic communion with or without a lover.
  • Transform past hurt , old wounds , self sabotaging patterns into reevaluations of profound love and deep trust.
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Wonder Women Warriors

This TTC is for you if

  • You are already on this path and wish to go deeper.
  • You are a healer, therapist and wish to learn the Tantric path of divine feminine.
  • Accelerate your career as a life coach.
  • Do you want to be inspired in your life & take the next step in leadership as a woman?
  • Would you like to integrate in your existing practices/ knowledge some embodied tantric tools?
  • Multiply your business income as a life coach.
  • You like to be that magnetic powerful woman.
  • You wish to attract beautiful relationship in your life and learn art of relating and intimacy.
  • You wish to manifest your dreams and passion.
  • You wish peace, harmony and content.
  • You are ready to carry the torch of light far and beyond.

Course curriculum

21 days in person training

Module 1: Fire and water

Understanding the sexuality and sensuality. Power of your sexual energy to create. Opening womb and healing from shame, conditioning , guilt , ignorance to power, love and creativity. The Eros, the sexual energy and how to be that multi orgasmic woman.

Module 2: Fluidity of emotions

Feeling and expression. Healthy expression and communication is important in any relationship. Learning about our emotional self and intelligence.

Module 3: Power of heart

Healing from any heart aches, breaks, rejections, insecurity to feeling at home. To be connected with your source of love. Bringing self love, contentment and peace.

Module 4: Psychic healing and power

We women hold many Intuitive powers. So how to open and trust that gut, that inner voice and clairvoyance.

Module 5 - Inner Wisdom

Learning how to hold space for others and share from the space of inner wisdom.

Module 6: Inner Masculine

Creating a divine Masculine container to hold your inner feminine

Module 7: Inner Child & Ancestral Tools

Learn practises to heal the inner child & connect with your ancestral line.

Module 8: Create Success

Creating a successful business and believing in your passion and dreams.

5 months online (4 hours monthly, 20 hours in total online)

Special Price – until 10th April

Rs 249,800 ( € 2,832 )
Rs 197,888 ( € 2,222 )

Value adds

  • Get 3 free new moon session to attend

  • 10% discount on all our offline and online programs

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Residential cost

INR 2,800/ per night twin sharing basis

Inclusive of all meals

Please note this is not part of course fee

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Pay 50,000 INR  & pre-book your TTC seat!

Pay the rest in 3 installments/ pay full amount 45 day before the course starts

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What Practices Would You Learn

  • Tantric & Tao practices
  • Embodied Sacred sexual practices
  • Classical Tantra and mudras
  • Yoni and womb healing
  • Breast care and massage
  • Osho active meditations
  • Movement as meditation
  • Guest lecture on Tibetan pulsing
  • Leadership and manifestation tools

A woman’s path to awareness could be simple.

The path to self-realisation or meditation can be a very masculine approach. But the tantric path is about bringing balance between divine feminine/ masculine from duality to non-duality. Transforming the poison into nectar- this path does not ask to renunciate but to transcend & transform. Transform the darkness to light, negativity to positivity. Emotions such as anger, sadness, grief, jealousy, possessiveness to love, joy, celebration, sincerity & freedom. 

She just needs to land in her natural essence. And that’s her body as she creates life from her womb. Embracing her body, her lover, her sensitivity, her essence of devotion & surrender opens the door of spirituality for her. Shakti path is the path of embracing her full spectrum of being & emotions merged into oneness. It’s like when the light passes through a prism, rainbow colours reflect, similarly from her being reflects the many forms of creation, colours, dance contained into that formless form. She is the mother, the lover, the seductress, the home maker, the high priestess embracing all these forms & expressions into that one being. 

Having my questions answered through this path of meditation, tantra & evolution. I feel ready to spread this light further.

Being in a woman’s body, navigating through the role of a teacher, mother, entrepreneur & homemaker. I feel ready to share from my life experiences & learnings on this path. So together with sister Kaulike, I would like to invite all of you beloved sisters, who have a calling to go deeper within themselves, to be a leader in this work to come join us!


I always wanted to experience the magic of spiritual path but couldn’t quite get the proper guidance to start. As life has its own way, I was diagnosed with depression and I knew I didn't want to live my life this way, hence, I wanted to fight it strongly. During these tough times, I came across this Tantra yoga and meditation retreat happening in Goa hosted by Mohini Srishati. Little did I know what Tantra is, the word ‘retreat’ was enough for me to dive into it. Super glad to have taken this retreat that came in exactly when I needed it the most. Special thanks to Mohini Srishati. The moment she walks in, the way her body moves, her voice, her hair, everything about her is magical and powerful and happy. I couldn’t have gotten the experience I got if it wasn't for her.
Meditation has never been my cup of tea until it was her voice and her way that took me to a different world of exploring myself, gaining my confidence back. It was an amazing acceptance that I have been waiting for.
This lady is the symbol of Courage, Boldness, Freedom, Strength, Love, Warmth, Smartness and Magic. She inspires me to be ME.
Thank you so much for everything.
More power to you!

Komal PareekMumbai

The experience I had with Evolve beings was nothing short of surreal. After having followed them on Instagram for a long time, I finally got a chance to attend their Meditation in Goa. I experienced utmost peace and joy. I cannot possibly express my gratitude in words.

I also got a chance to attend their Sensuality session for girls. The experience made me go deep into my own self and provided a safe space to experience and express to the fullest. Enjoying the beauty of my own senses so deeply made me realise how distracted I had been before this. These few hours with myself and with the fellow ladies just magically brought me closer to my inner being. I loved how for a few hours, we dropped all that we had acquired from the outside world and just went within. It felt so light and liberating. Mohini's presence is reassuring and calming and her sense of purpose is so clear in all her workshops. Guys, please keep doing what you are doing. The world needs many more like you!

Words are less to express such experiences and one can only relate to this feeling after attending the workshops.
It's magical, it's beautiful.


Astha GuptaBangalore
About the facilitator

Kaulike Anandi

Kaulike Anandi was born into a family, which is connected with the tantric lineage of Ramakrishna Paramhansa. She spent most of her early years with her grandmother who she considers as her foremost teacher in love, tantra, spirituality, pretty much everything that matters in life. And then came music. She found herself embracing love in the truest sense through her ‘sadhana’ (practice) of music. Her parents at that time were senior gurus in the country in the arts of theater. She grew up in an environment of a theatre commune so the feeling of living in a community was ingrained within her early on. Kaulike had never planned to get into acting given how she was deemed as the shy one. But it happened. If she would have something to share, she would love going up the stage. Otherwise most of her time went in music, books and meditation. She believes that whatever you wish for is actually the cosmos wishing for and whatever you don’t want is not really meant for you. But if you want something, surely there is something there. So it’s important to follow your heart. Her spiritual journey is all about simplifying life and becoming the embodiment of love. 

She believes everything is love. Every bit of this existence, this universe, this Cosmos, this life and this world, every bit of it is made up of love. Love is the universal energy that has created us, that is flowing through us, it is what is holding and binding everything together. Our bodies, our like containers, each vessel is made up of a very unique insight but all have  only one role to experience love and it’s magic, to blossom more, to enjoy more, to live in communion with the divine. Kaulike strongly believes that women are born with Shakti ingrained in them right from their birth. They just have to recognize their immense power and then see the magic around them unfold every day of their lives.

Kaulike found herself dipping deeply into the world of Baul Mysticism.

The word baul means a madman. But it is a misnomer; it means someone who is free, someone who is enlightened. Kaulike believes that when one comes to the baul path, they are in total space of surrender, because they become innocent like a child. You do not judge anything or anyone. Because you completely trust in the existence as a Divine Mother as a Divine Shakti.

Baul Mysticism is deeply connected to the roots of Tantra as well. Because it is all about opening up your body through celebrations in music and dance. In Baul Mysticism we focus on singing and opening up the fifth chakra, the most mystical one. And when you open up that chakra you become a free flowing and a joyous person in touch with their true essence.

Both Baul Mysticism and Path of Tantra help us to establish the connection between the small self, and the divine self. It helps us to understand that we are not separate from the whole universe.

Mohini Srishati

Founder of Evolvebeings, Curator – Wonder Women Festival, Certified Tantra and Meditation Practitioner, Life Coach

Mohini Srishati is a versatile woman and surfing in real life through different roles of being a Mother, Tantrica, Business woman, Evolution expert and a Traveller. She transcends norms and stereotypes and is a gentle reminder and inspiration to those of us who wish to do the same.

She likes to ignite people’s hearts and souls. Inspire them to make change and live life consciously and in celebration. As an initiative in this direction she decided to organise and teach in different Tantra retreats and festivals. She completed a 2 years certified intensive Tantra teacher training course with Tantra essence plus many years of enriching spiritual experiences in her life. She has spent time with many tantra teachers and is inspired by Osho, Goenka and Ma Anand Sarita.
She is the curator and teacher for Wonder Woman Festival. Name of the festival is inspired by her own life and her blossoming into different roles and essence of Feminine. Being a Tantrica she likes to spread the message of living a sexually empowered and embodied life. She is organising both online and offline courses through ‘Evolve Beings’.

This festival will be inspired from the Shamanic, Tantra and meditation practices to break through our patterns of life and realise our true soul calling.
In today’s sensual and materialistic era Tantra is the only evolved spiritual discipline that uses our senses and desires to achieve the goal of liberation. So we need to drop and heal that shame and guilt to start celebrating and enjoying our bodies to derive joy and wellbeing.

After many years of following the spiritual path whilst simultaneously being involved in the business world, creating and successfully running a company, Srishati started envisioning practically bringing the two worlds together. The purpose all along was to bridge the seemingly big gap between the corporate and spiritual world and be a positive force in creating more unity and less separation. She aimed to make spiritual teachings more accessible and easier digestible for people looking to evolve or expand in life.


Can I get a Visa to India?

We can share a Business visa invitation letter with you to help you facilitate your visa to India.

I am already a yoga /fitness/breathwork teacher or a coach in another speciality so how can this course help me to support my students ?

Yes, this course is covering the wider spectrum of being. It will give you in depth knowledge of the sacred feminine path, the dark and light feminine / masculine principles. It will impart specific teaching techniques/ tools that will help you to further support your students in varied areas of their life. It will help you to integrate mind, body and soul in your teachings.

Would I be able to teach after doing this course ?

Yes, you will be able to start holding your own women’s circles/ retreats/ facilitate in your niche subject even further. You may be able to counsel private sessions and support women on their path of evolution or areas of sexuality.

I have never done tantra before. Can I still join this course ?

Yes, you can still join this course. Through the curriculum you will be introduced to the fundamentals of tantra & it will be beneficial.

What kind of food will be served?

We will be serving Vegetarian meals during the training and will encourage participants to not smoke or drink alcohol or to consume any kind of external substances.

What to bring to the residential program?

  • Sunglasses
  • Notebook & pen 
  • Sun block cream
  • Massage cream or oil
  • 2 Sarongs
  • Goddess outfit
  • Sexy Dress 
  • Maroon/ red colour outfits 
  • 1 White dress
  • Blindfold
  • Yoga outfits
  • Swimming suite for the pool/beach

Can I stay outside the venue or somewhere else?

If you are already staying in Goa, it is possible to just pay the teaching fee . You will be able to purchase a ticket only for the training. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner inside the venue will be at an extra cost.

Can I get assistance with booking a taxi from the airport to the venue?

 At your request we will be able to book a taxi from the airport to the venue. It will be held at a resort about 1 1/2 hour drive from the International Goa Airport. You will be able to pay directly to the taxi driver.

I'm scared if this is for me?

This Training is a wonderful opportunity to discover the world of Tantra for the first time in a playful setting under the guidance of two highly experienced Tantra Teachers

Maybe I'm not ready or this is not the time?

There is no requisite knowledge required for this training, and therefore there would be no reason why one would not be ready to embark on this journey of self-discovery. If you don’t feel ready now, the likelihood is you will never feel ready. If anything, this is the time to choose action over fear, to take a leap of faith into the unknown, empowered by a group of women who share the qualities of love, compassion and fearlessness.

Can I hope for this training to help me heal my sexual abuse/trauma?

 The training is a great opportunity to begin healing on any previous sexual abuse or traumas. You will be in a safe environment at all times, about to express how you are truly feeling and given tools to help you deal with and progress in your development to healing.

I have attended other TTC/trainings. What is so different about yours?

Every experience is different. This training is based on classical and Neo Tantra based practices combined with many meditations practices. You will learn Tantra in its homeland where it originated from. The team of teachers is very versatile yet complementary to each other to bring different flavours and depth to the space. This training is open for all practitioners from beginners to advanced level.


Please read these terms and conditions carefully before committing to the ‘Wonder Woman Warrior.
By making a booking I confirm that:

Course Fee
I am aware that the reservation of my ticket will only be confirmed when the reservation fee or full payment is received.


Cancelling the Festival
I am aware that if for any reason I need to cancel my spot, 50% of the fee is refundable in the form of a voucher that can be used in the next 6 months.

Changes to Program
I understand that the training plan to follow is possibly subject to changes with unforeseen circumstances, although organisers will do their best and ensure to bring me the best quality if alternative arrangements are needed.

Health and Well-being
I am responsible for my own health and well-being. I will let organisers know if I have any concerns or queries regarding my health and while they do their best to accommodate my needs. I will listen to organisers and teachers advice in all matters concerning my Health and Safety.

Alcohol and Drugs

I am aware that the use of alcohol and drugs during the course are strictly prohibited. Smoking is only permitted in designated areas.

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