Helena Laxmi Unmani

About Helena Laxmi Unmani

Tantra Teacher

Helena Laxmi has been interested in inner and outer travelling of spiritual growth for 25 years. She has been an Osho Sanyasin since 1999 and since this time she has been researching meditation, tantra, chakra healing, colour therapy and aura-soma. Travelling deep in and around she has lived in Prague, Czech Republic and Pune, very close to the Osho Meditation Centre. Helena likes to lead a juicy and adventurous life intertwined with special silent moments.

Helena leads Osho Meditations which are specific to women, Shakti honouring rituals, Chakra Colours of Aura-Soma for healing of the body and Tantra workshops focussed around the three steps to leading an orgasmic life; Heal, open & receive to feel and celebrate and fly.

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