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Katies's Offerings

The sessions are tailor-made for each person and work through the chakras.

7 Sessions (1 Hour each)
Each session is focused on a chakra centre and the particular energies that are held there for the person. This option also counts as a pre-requisite for the AwBd facilitator training.

All for: € 599.00

3 Sessions (1 Hour each)
We will work on a specific issue/chakra of your choice. In either option we will work with a combination of AwBd processes and Access Consciousness verbal clearings. Homework is given in between sessions. Videos for bellydance technique and grounding/energy clearing are also given. This is extremely powerful and transformative self-work. We can dance with any area of your life that you wish.

All for: € 255.00

About Katie Holland

Katie Holland is a sacred dance therapist, professional dancer and the creator of Awakened Bellydance TM. Katie experienced a spiritual awakening aged seven which activated her soul mission. This, coupled with several spontaneous Kundalini awakenings as an adult led her on an alchemical journey of inner transformation and an innate understanding of how to embody and dance with the new incoming light frequencies through sacred dance. Originally from England, Katie has explored the world since 2006, living in India, Bali, Bulgaria and Egypt teaching, performing and creating whilst studying with masters of sacred cultural dances, Tantra, Shamanism, Yoga, Meditation, Trance and Energy healing techniques.

Katie is also the creator of Shakti Pants – Sacred clothing and jewellery, as well as the founder and organiser of Sirius Retreats, Trainings and Adventures. These extraordinary journeys are full of cultural experiences not usually found on the tourist trail.

Dancing throughout her life Katies studies are in Middle Eastern dance, Bharatnatyam, Sufi Whirling, Nepalese Vajra Yogini, Gurdjieff Movements, Afro-Samba, Osho Dynamic Meditation, Shamanic dance, Bollywood. She is a facilitator trainer in Awakened Bellydance and Inner Dance.

Holistic therapies include: Access Bars, Reiki Master teacher in Usui and Tera-Mai Seichem traditions, Yoga teacher, Aromatherapy and Indian head massage, Baby massage, No hands massage, Laughter yoga.

Who are the sessions for ?

Awakened Belly Dance is for all who would like to activate and embody kundalini, integrate feminine/masculine energies, explore deep shadow work, or are open to adventure into the unknown self. Women and men are welcome to take part in these sessions with Katie. You do not need a physical womb to participate. Sessions can be adapted for all physicalities.

The coaching style is relaxed, unique, deep, powerful, embodied!

Wow! I feel my wings! - Katie holds such a magical and supportive presence. Thank you

I find Awakened belly dance to be a very spiritual and empowering experience. For me it both enlivens and empowers my spirit and my own sense of self. Opening me up to the oneness of all things

Thank you for sharing your beautiful soul. That you be an example : of knowing how to open gates that the heart sometimes will lock down. With gratitude for a lovely evening and new doors opened!

I was not prepared for the sense of real awakening that I felt during those 2 days. The joy was tangible. The feeling of support, love and affection was overwhelming and completely what I needed to move myself forward.


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Sacred Womb Wisdom & Awakened Belly Dance

Awakened Bellydance is a multi-faceted, transformative, self-awakening process which catapults you into an embodied and authentic awakening. An intuitive remembering and reclaiming of You through conscious movement and self-exploration.

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