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– Family Constellation work
– Relationships dynamics for couples or individuals
– Trauma healing work

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About Lisa Martin – (Jivan Abhika)


Lisa Martin ( Abhika ) is an international teacher and therapist with over 20 years experience of working with people. Her purpose is to guide and connect people to the space of peace and bliss, that is deep inside and doesn’t depend on whatever happens on the periphery. Her message is derived from her spiritual name: Jivan Abhika – life without fear. Since childhood, her way of exploring the world was through her own experience.

She runs Tantra groups and Family Constellation Circles in different countries, sharing the Art of Letting go – main Art to learn in life, according to her vision. She is trained in Family and Systemic Constellations, Trauma Therapy, Tantra, Bodywork, Biodynamic and Breath work.

She is based in Italy, she is a mother of a teenage daughter and runs her own publishing business.

Individual Sessions

These are sessions that focus on life issues that include, among others your life purpose and the path you wish to take for your own freedom, your emotional needs, any self-sabotaging psychological patterns that hinder abundance, potential addictions, health, relationship, intimacy and any other life issues you may personally come across each day.

Each session is unique and caters to what you are going through in each moment. In these sessions, depending upon what is needed, we would work using Family Constellations, Gestalt, Active Meditations, Breath and Trauma healing techniques or other holistic healing methods.

For two years I organized the Family Constellations Circles in Verona, conducted by Liza Martin. She always surprises me by her powerful sense of intuition that emerges beyond the rational mind, and her impeccable professionalism. Each participant feels at ease immediately and succeeds , even without any knowledge of that extra-sensitive field, to "ride the wave" in the infinite sea of the collective unconscious. I can personally say that these experiences have profoundly changed my life, taking me to a new level of awareness and freedom.

Ilona Zulte, Ratna Yoga Teacher

A magical encounter between people, an energy field that unites people coming together to resolve fears and hidden emotions , often due to reasons that are beyond our comprehension. Liza becomes the undisputed coordinator of these movements, generated by forces who live around us and in our lives. Liza manages to rediscover and reformulate the real deep problem that often tends to hide behind the false veil.

Francesco Berton, Architect, Berton and Partners

The experience of Family Constellations allowed me to look WITHOUT JUDGEMENT, at what is the psychological legacy that I received from my ancestors. Family Constellations circle is an extraordinary resource that allowed me to learn about myself through the encounter with the Other. Liza leads the circle with a lightness and concentration, and gentle power with which she moves between the human emotions make one feel safe and protected.

Marzia Marangoni, Trainer

Family constellations technique gives you a possibility to go deeply in your consciousness and subconsciousness, and find the roots of your life situations and problems. It also heals these burdens on the energetic level, transforms you from inside, and subsequently the changes in your life follow “by itself”. And from my experience with Liza Martin - it is just the case. Beautiful and meditative, although some experiences are hard and painful – but it cleanses and heals your soul.

Juris Erenpreiss, MD, PhD Leading researcher of European Academy of Andrology

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