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About Navedita

Art Therapist

Navedita’s existential explorations led her to a few ever expanding self-realisations, one that she is a dirtbag, not quite literally, but she surrenders to the natural forces, in a way ‘windblown’, that makes her crave for truth and greater understanding of her being. She is often too much for people as she engages with in her words, in her doubts, in her curiosities, in her cravings and desires…often not fitting in most systems around. She is an “EXOTICDIRTBAG”, she feels in this dimension, an honest discomforting, challenging and courageous bundle of dirt filled in a bag made of wonder, kindness and love.

Navedita express’ her intuitive impulses, insights, existential stories , sexual curiosities using spontaneous mediums arranged to create a visual dimension that triggers “pause” and “ reflection” in the psyche.

Navedita graduated from College of Art, New Delhi in 2015 as an “Applied Artist”, her inclinations led her to travelling around the country learning “Sustainable Architecture”, “Permaculture Design”and critically questioning the “ Factory Schooling System”, after working (rather choking) in an advertising agency for a short while. In the year 2016, She joined Swaraj University as a “fellow khoji” in an attempt to reclaim her life, shaping her perspectives around the patterns of the World, learning methods, sustainability, social justice and community living.

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