OJARNA-tribe’s offerings

  • Tribal clothes and jeweleries shop (www.ojarna.com & Instagram link: @ojarna)
  • Wear Your Energy – styling sessions
  • Inner Man – Inner Woman & Archetype work through looks
  • Meditative – Mind Mapping sessions

OJARNA – tribe / by Jarna Can Ozturk

Jarna Can Ozturk is a TedX speaker/ artist/ anthropologist/ tantrica who cruises between world metropolises and indigenous tribes. After finishing her studies at UC Berkeley and UBC, she worked relentlessly for many years in the market place.

In 2005 she met “OSHO”, and this led her to a totally different path. She packed up and left her home country to travel the world. She enjoyed living as a traveller, for more than 10 years. Her passion and fascination in local cultures led her to Africa, Latin America and the Far East. Traveling solo, she lived among indiginous tribes, as well as in Osho communities. She studied Tantra and sprituality with many teachers at various schools in the world.

During her travels, this apparent dichotomy merged harmoniously through culture and design, leading her to create her passion project: OJARNA-Tribe. The project grew with her, towards sprituality, old traditions, ethnic cultures, fair trade, and the likeminded communities who embrace these values around the world.

In her project OJARNA-Tribe; she combines her passion towards primitive cultures with Tantra . She offers a unique selection of clothes and jeweleries, all made by upcycling of original tribal materials and create seasonal pop up OJARNA stores decorated by all waste materials. She merges yin & yang concepts with “looks” and create an experience thats based on meditation and 5 senses.

Lately, she has returned back to “conventional” life. She now experiments going through the mundane, contemporary life, with a longing within, while keeping her authenticity and values at heart. She observes herself standing on a ledge that represents the possible harmony of the diverse and revels in the conflict of pursuing the contradiction of a settled nomad.
Through her project OJARNA, she is representing a look and lifestyle that is local despite being global, anti-fashion while being fashionable and traditional, yet always contemporary. She is aiming for balance in a universe of opposites – a state of tranquil equilibrium within the necessity of entropy.

Jarna Can Ozturk is portraying the innocence and wildness of human beings through stories, spaces and costumes, with a very particular design approach, highlighting the deliciousness of a melting pot of multiplicities in our world.

She offers private sessions in her studios in Turkey as well as; online. She uses music and mirror to get you to wear your real energy and work on your inner man & inner woman.

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