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Free: 30 minute online session to find out what program might fit your needs.

  • A package of a 10 individual sessions online program over a period of 5 months, ‘Healing your Roots’, including family constellation of family of origin, meditations, homework, trauma healing techniques, body awareness exercises, affirmations, including written materials. For a reduced price of € 800 instead of € 1200.
  • Participation in my Online 10 weeks basic ‘Heal your Roots’ course for a reduced fee of € 150 instead of € 300. Starting on 2. June 2020, every Tuesday 18:00 – 20:00 CEST
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About Sakino Mathilde Sternberg

Psychologist, psychotherapist, trauma therapist, family constellations facilitator and teacher

Sakino is a psychological psychotherapist with over 40 years experience in different fields of therapy, counselling and teaching.

Sakino is trained in Systemic Family Therapy (Satir), Primal Therapy, Sexuality Therapy, Client Centered Psychotherapy, Gestalt Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Depth Psychology, Encounter, Mindfulness and meditation, Family and Systemic Constellations, Trauma Therapy, Storytelling, Therapy with older people.

At present Sakino works in Berlin in her own clinic and internationally, at the Humaniversity in Holland, and in Israel.

Sakino’s main focus in her work and teachings are family and systemic constellations, trauma healing, storytelling and several mindfulness approaches. She developed a therapy and training program of 1 ½ years, called ‘Heal your Roots’, which incorporates those approaches in a unique way.

Online Courses
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Heal your Roots

In these challenging times we all get triggered and old traumas and unresolved issues from the past may pop up in unexpected ways and disturb and even shatter us deeply.

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