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About Santoshi Amor

Tantra teacher, founder of Tantra women training and Ibiza Tantra Festival

Santoshi is an international teacher fully devoted to living the Tantra Path for over 20 years . Her presence and both her passion and spontaneity encourages participants to discover hidden aspects of themselves. Her work brings individuals into Authenticity and Love.

She is the founder of ‘Ibiza Tantra Festival’ and the ‘International Tantra Woman Training’ and ‘Tantra Woman Team’

She dropped her career as an architect to follow her heart and lived at the Osho Community in India for 12 years where she became a Tantra and Meditation teacher. Leaving Osho commune she retreated in silence and isolation in the Himalayas for over a year to practice Tibetan Tantra.

Coming back to the west she traveled and teaches tantra in more than 17 countries.

She is now based in Ibiza where she gathers more than 400 tantrikas every year in a global tantra festival.

Rest of the time she is fully devoted to supporting women to bloom into their higher potential. Her Tantra Woman Training runs in different countries and her team of co-teachers and co-creators is becoming internationally renowned.

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