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  • Tantra practise for women – find your bliss
  • Relationships dynamics for couples or individuals
  • Primal therapy, inner child work

‘Shine bright!’ Course
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About Sarani Vilionyte

International Tantra teacher, founder of SARANI – wellness and meditation centre and publishing house “Meiles kelias”

She has been on the path of conscious sciences and meditation for over 20 years. She studied with several masters and enlightened mystics in India, Japan, Brazil.

Her studies range from the revolutionary roots of Vigyan Bhairav Tantra and Osho meditations to the studies of Primal Therapy with the Dr. Arthur Janov Institute in the USA. Learning her skills from her devotion to the different traditions from ancient to modern forms of Tantra, and her expertise in the science of Primal Therapy and Intuitive readings affords her a balance between therapy and meditation, love and consciousness.

Sarani’s unique skill set has made her a very popular teacher for women groups, Tantra for singles and Tantra in Lithuania, China, Turkey, Bulgaria, Russia, Georgia and USA for over 15 years. Her passion about the mystery of love, relationships and helping people has transformed thousands of lives worldwide.

Online Courses
by Sarani.


Alchemy of Love

To love and be loved is not what we are given, its what we need to learn. At school we were taught mathematics, history, but no one was teaching us about LOVE!

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