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25 min Session
Cost: € 55.00

70 min Session
Cost: € 135.00

For both sessions:
An audio and video recording is included.
Human Design and the Gene Keys rely on the time and place of your birth. So please provide your birth data (year, date, exact time, and place) a week before the session.

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About Shantamo Kamstra

Shantamo Kamstra is a Human Design reader & teacher, and a Gene Keys Ambassador.
He uses these two wisdom systems to bring clarity, insight and acceptance into the issues we face on our way through life.
His focus is on how we can use our relationships as a way to transform ourselves. There is no need to lose ourselves while relating. When we learn to recognize the triggers the others release in us, and understand why we have these people in our lives, a sense of ease and relaxation can percolate in our relationships. We (re)gain breathing space.
This is true for intimate as well as for family or professional relationships. Improvement starts with becoming familiar with ourselves, something we do not learn in school.
“All relating originates from the connection with yourself, so I use Human Design and Gene Keys to explore this first. From there we move into whichever situation is most prominent in your life right now, and find the best way how to access to underlying harmony.”

Shantamo is trained in various forms of therapy* and is approved as a German health practitioner. He is a certified Human Design Reader and a Gene Keys Ambassador, and has been facilitating meditations for twenty-plus years.
Originally from the Netherlands, he traveled widely, spending many years in the presence of the enlightened mystic Osho.
He currently shares his time between Switzerland and Italy.

Trained in

  • Breath Therapy
  • Neo-Reichian Bodywork
  • Ericksonian Hypnosis
  • Inner Child Work
  • NLP Practitioner
  • Esalen Massage
  • Chakra and Energy Reading
  • Crystal Work

The 25 minute session:

One or two essential themes

Do you have one or two essential themes taking center stage in your life right now? They may be in your work, your relationships or anything else that engages you. In this short and straight session, we bring clarity into these themes and develop practical strategies how to deal with them. This works well if:

  • You sense something is in the way of your development, or an important understanding is eluding you. No problem if you do not know exactly what it is, we’ll find out during the session.
  • Your main interest is to move forward again, to come back into your life flow. How Human Design does the job is maybe something for later.

The 70 minute session:

Your chart comes alive before you

You want to know the strengths and learning points of your unique Human Design Chart and how they manifest in your life? Having this awareness by itself can change your life. In addition, we will open up new resources to deal with challenging situations and look how you can best develop your inborn talents. Besides learning the classic Human Design keys of Type, Strategy and Authority, we explore precisely how distinct elements of your Chart influence your life, thereby enabling you to use these energies to your benefit. This is your choice if:

  • You want a solid foundation of Human Design insight to give you more confidence and clarity in your everyday life.
  • You are facing an important decision and you wish to consider all conscious and unconscious effects it will have.

I have worked with Shantamo several times, both for individual consultations & have participated in his soul mate map course.
He delivers human design in a way that is accessible, fun and deeply insightful. Working with him gave me a deeper understanding of myself & the tools needed to manage me/ my situation most effectively.
Shantamo’s passion for his subject shines through & is supported by his in depth knowledge & guided by natural intuition.
I would happily work with him again & have no hesitation in recommending him

Samantha McNicholas, London UK

Yes, as a projector I have learned from my session to be aware of where I use my energy and thus I'm more aware of how I process things, especially as my authority is a strong emotional center.
I can wait for an invitation and the one that feels right for me. This also gives me permission and space to relax into enjoying and not having to be functional all the time. I have nothing to prove and I can let-go of this idea from the mind of 'functioning' and to trust my energy 'being'.
When I live within my own rythyms there is an inner knowing that reality is a dancing phenomena, life then delivers what is to be experienced for me in harmony with the bigger picture.

I am aware of the “pieces of my puzzle' of my self, but I did not know how to grasp how to put them together, how to make them click. The Human Design session with Shantamo gave me clarity and understanding of my purpose, with a different understanding of what my life is all about through Human Design. Shantamo helped me to understand the basics of my chart and Human Design foundation, more importantly he conveyed through teaching me how to access my potential by providing amazing insights, tools and strategies. His guidance is very inspiring and I highly recommend his services.

much love,

Krisana Locke, Berlin

Shantamo’s personal reading was a beautiful and inspiring experience. He took me on an exploration through gates and channels and centres, along a path that my whole body recognized as truth about myself that I needed to hear and see at that moment. His compassion and skill gave me the courage to let this truth in and helped me to understand the impact of it on my creativity and life energy. The resulting insights are proving to be very useful in my daily life! I feel deep gratitude for this guidance.

Helga De Bois, Småland, Sweden

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