Shashi Solluna

About Shashi Solluna

Tantric Facilitator and Coach

Shashi is passionate about the journey of embodied awakening, especially in the areas of sex, love and intimacy. When Shashi first went on a spiritual quest, she found non-dual “enlightenment” she thought that her journey was ‘complete’ at the young age of 21. However, she soon began to realize that she had skipped over her personal healing, healing her communication skills, trauma-healing, deconditioning, shadow work, sexual awakening and intimacy.

After many years of dedication on this path, Shashi now teaches Tantra to women and couples around the world and online. She shares ancient tools from the Tao Tantric Arts that empower you to awaken sexual energy and use it for bringing more vitality, creativity, love and consciousness into your life and your relationship.

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