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About Siddhartha

Tarot Reader & Psychic, “Tarot Show” presenter on Zee Tv. You-tuber, Meditator, Yoga Instructor and famous for Tarot Counselling. Also Founder for Art & Tarot.

I have been reading Tarot for more than 17 years now, and I have guided and helped thousands of people worldwide. Also I have taught many Tarot Enthusiast and I take regular courses online for Tarot Teaching.

Tarot was a gift in my life when one of my dearest friends gifted me with a Tarot Deck, and he said that this is going to be your companion always, which turned out to be true. This incident occurred 20 years ago; I almost forgot I had this deck of cards sitting in my home; only after months when I was shuffling through my stuff did this gifted Deck of Cards appear. And it was like a revelation to me, and those words of my friend resounded that this deck will be your companion. I still use those same cards.

That’s how my journey of Tarot started; I started grasping Tarot knowledge from different books and sources. The more I went deep into it, the more the cards began speaking back to me. It all started as fun, and it became a profession. Now I have dedicated myself entirely to the wisdom of the Tarot, still learning and imparting the knowledge and helping people.

How is a session

I want to connect with my Querent on a deeper level and know about their lives to guide and show the path through Tarot sincerely. When it comes to teaching, I start from the very basics and go into deeper dimensions of Tarot so that they can learn practically and practice Tarot in day to day life.

Who are the sessions for?

Anyone looking for Answers in terms of love/relationship or career/money/business or anything they have in mind can have the session or when they have to take an important decision or choose path A or B. It can be spiritual reading, too or even if you don’t have any questions, the Tarot can still guide you and give you messages if you approach the Tarot with an open heart.

What would the participants gain from taking a session with me?

In terms of Tarot Counselling they will receive guidance and learn the dharma of life or the art of living. In terms of teaching Tarot they will be taught the art of tarot reading from the very beginning and leading them to implement professional tarot reading in their life.

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