Suta Rawson

Suta's Offerings

SUPERCONNECTED! Tantra sessions
Series of 5 (1 hour sessions)
– For Individuals: € 500.00
– For Couples: € 665.00

SUPERPOWERS! BREATHWORK to inspire your natural brilliance
– 1 month starter package (30min sessions): € 140.00
– 5 x 1 hour sessions: € 445.00

SUPERDEEP! Darkness for Inner Illumination
– 5 x 1 hour sessions: € 445.00

ORACLE CARD READINGS – Zen Mind Heart Surrender
– 20 min session: € 25.00

About Suta Rawson

Suta has over 25 years experience in the healing arts and travelled widely, leading workshops and trainings in 15 countries. He also offers transformational coaching to individuals and couples. He is known for his friendly and down-to-earth approach, as well as being highly knowledgeable about the healing power of Darkness and hugely experienced in Tantra, Meditation and sacred sexuality. Through his compassion and sensitivity people feel seen and recognised, both in their struggles and in their magnificent potential. He helps people remember their essential nature and enjoy more fulfilling intimacy.

“The true spirit of my work is to guide people who sense that ‘there must be something more’, into healing experiences of deep peace, timelessness & the Great Relief that comes from reconnecting to what really matters – to live from, and as, Soul in this beautiful, yet troubled world.”

Introduction to Darkness Experience

The blazing Dark held me in love and beauty – deeply nourishing, revealing, and an unexpected joy to find perfect, expansive freedom to be


It was deeply powerful & transformative for me. I feel so much ‘lighter’ & more determined. It did indeed go very, very deep


The workshop was such a profound, deepening process for me. I feel I am finally coming home!


I was not prepared for the sense of real awakening that I felt during those 2 days. The joy was tangible. The feeling of support, love and affection was overwhelming and completely what I needed to move myself forward.