Taki'h Dhyandeepa

Taki'h's Offerings

Private session: 1hr – 1 1⁄2 hour for 100 euro

Focusing on:

  • Shadow Work
  • Womb Wisdom
  • Working with the masculine and feminine within
  • Supporting couples on the path of consorts
  • Soul Emergence and Anchoring
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About Taki’h Dhyandeepa

Tantrika, Embodied Activated Soul, Teacher

Taki’h is a Tantrica, a therapist, an activated soul, an international teacher and a student of life & essence. She is one of the most authentic & integrated teachers today following embodiment and truth as her uncompromising guides. Taki’h offers a space for healing and empowerment rarely encountered. Her work integrates embodied experience with knowledge both modern and ancient.

Taki’h has been leading international groups of all genders in almost 25 countries over the past decade in the Americas, Europe and Asia. She has worked with those in women’s bodies and men’s bodies (separately and in mixed groups) and with couples in nearly 25 countries over the past decade. She has created “The Cross”, an intensive journey on healing, empowering and integrating our basic polarities as human beings: the masculine and feminine, body and soul, and activating the ecstatic current of Life Force. She has also birthed the “Womb Wisdom Journey” for those in women’s bodies to connect to the full potential of their feminine based on their moon cycle, and the “Intimacy Journey” for Couples to support them on their path as Consorts.

Online Courses
by Taki'h Dhyandeepa .


Get to know your Yoniverse

No this is not taught in school and most of us don’t receive this information at home either. So where to get it? How to get to know YOUR Yoniverse?

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