Refund policy

Evolve Wonder Women Online Festival 2021

We want you to thank you deeply for purchasing your ticket to the Evolve Wonder Women Festival 2021. We believe in money as a circulating energy entity and therefore are dedicated to redistributing resources and profits with fairness. Know that each purchased ticket is supporting the work of all the people involved in creating the container for the festival. If you reconsider your purchase, you can ask for the refund up to 48 hours until the Festival start date. In such a case, we shall deduct from any amount paid by you the payment processing fees which may have been charged to us by the third party payment processor in processing your payment and any other related costs. We shall also deduct the differential amount, owing to the difference or fluctuation in foreign exchange rates between the payment date and the refund date.

By buying a ticket to Evolve Wonder Women Festival 2021 you give consent to the Evolve Beings to collect, process, and use your personal data for the purposes outlined below:

  • To contact you regarding updates and registration information for the festival you have
    registered to;
  • By registering you are agreeing to join the Evolve Beings mailing list to receive information on events and community updates.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Evolve Wonder Women Festival 2021!