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Do you honestly know what Tantra is? Have you known those heights of inner ecstasy that have caused Tantra Mystics to exclaim,”Sex and Samadhi are one.”?

Let us first understand what Tantra is NOT:

  • Tantra is not a massage leading to a happy ending
  • Tantra is not an orgy
  • Tantra is not black magic
  • Tantra is not polyamory
  • Tantra is not prostitution

What is Tantra?

Ma Ananda Sarita, (Tantra Master) says: “In a nutshell, Tantra is a path to Enlightenment, using all that the human being is as a portal into expanded consciousness. This path includes: conscious sexuality, senses, emotions, kundalini energy, love and relating, chakras, energy systems and meditation.

“As large and potent as the universe outside
Even so large and potent is the universe within our being.
Within each of us are heaven and earth
The sun and moon, lightening and the myriad of stars
Everything in the macrocosm is in this, our microcosm.”

Chandogya Upanishad

Why Tantra ?

Nik Douglas, in his book Sexual Secrets; Secrets of Tantra from the Ice Age to the New Millennium says:

Why Tantra? Because we are living in a sensual and materialistic era. Because our senses and our desires drive us. And because Tantra is the only evolved spiritual discipline that uses our senses and our desires to achieve the goal of liberation.

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