Dreamcatcher I A New Moon in Pisces Meditation with Kaulike

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Feb, 19th, 2023

3:00 IST/ 11:00 AM CEST/ 10:00 AM UK time
A New Moon in Pisces


Meditation with Kaulike

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This New Moon season is one of the rare times of the year in which solar, masculine, and yin energy is at its highest. A time to respond to your deepest desires
In this Pisces season, be prepared to close out on old karmic cycles which we have carried with us through generations. The Pisces new moon can be great for imagination and artistry. Pisces rules our imagination and the arts, so we can continue with creative energy, and can feel inspired in new ways.

Pisces rules the hidden, so we can shine a light on something that has been hiding in the shadows, and we can work on it with greater ease. This can be external, but it can also be internal with our subconscious mind and soul, and we can feel free of baggage

  • Have you been afraid to face your fears?
  • Do you feel stuck with your creative thought flow?
  • Do you want to manifest new love in your life ?
  • Are you lacking motivation to take on fresh challenges?
  • Do you want to recharge your confidence levels?

What are we planning for this day?

A guided meditation with Kaulike which will tap into clearing karmic cycles. 

What to expect from this session?

  • Dive into a time of clarity and knowing
  • Learn to ground your impulses
  • Understand the power of manifestation
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Please note the recording can be accessed for the next 30 days from the day of the session. This session is open for all genders.

What will the participants learn / receive (key benefits/takeaways) from this session?

    • Understand the power of manifestation
    • Learning about karmic cycles, ancestral wounds
    • Receive transmission to new blessings by letting go of the old

What will participants need to bring?

Two drinking glasses, sticky note, pen, paper. Bottle of water, Blue marker.

Is this for you?

      • Are you feeling heavy emotions that aren’t really yours?
      • Are you unable to focus on manifesting a life you want?
      • Do you feel stuck in your ways of life ?
        If you answered yes, to any of these questions, then this is for you.
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Flow of the event

      • Introduction & Opening
      • Grounding and completion
      • Open space for sharing and questions
About the facilitator

Kaulike Anandi

Kaulike Anandi was born into a family, which is connected with the tantric lineage of Ramakrishna Paramhansa. She spent most of her early years with her grandmother who she considers as her foremost teacher in love, tantra, spirituality, pretty much everything that matters in life. And then came music. She found herself embracing love in the truest sense through her ‘sadhana’ (practice) of music. Her parents at that time were senior gurus in the country in the arts of theater. She grew up in an environment of a theatre commune so the feeling of living in a community was ingrained within her early on. Kaulike had never planned to get into acting given how she was deemed as the shy one. But it happened. If she would have something to share, she would love going up the stage. Otherwise most of her time went in music, books and meditation. She believes that whatever you wish for is actually the cosmos wishing for and whatever you don’t want is not really meant for you. But if you want something, surely there is something there. So it’s important to follow your heart. Her spiritual journey is all about simplifying life and becoming the embodiment of love. 

She believes everything is love. Every bit of this existence, this universe, this Cosmos, this life and this world, every bit of it is made up of love. Love is the universal energy that has created us, that is flowing through us, it is what is holding and binding everything together. Our bodies, our like containers, each vessel is made up of a very unique insight but all have  only one role to experience love and it’s magic, to blossom more, to enjoy more, to live in communion with the divine. Kaulike strongly believes that women are born with Shakti ingrained in them right from their birth. They just have to recognize their immense power and then see the magic around them unfold every day of their lives.

Kaulike found herself dipping deeply into the world of Baul Mysticism.

The word baul means a madman. But it is a misnomer; it means someone who is free, someone who is enlightened. Kaulike believes that when one comes to the baul path, they are in total space of surrender, because they become innocent like a child. You do not judge anything or anyone. Because you completely trust in the existence as a Divine Mother as a Divine Shakti.

Baul Mysticism is deeply connected to the roots of Tantra as well. Because it is all about opening up your body through celebrations in music and dance. In Baul Mysticism we focus on singing and opening up the fifth chakra, the most mystical one. And when you open up that chakra you become a free flowing and a joyous person in touch with their true essence.

Both Baul Mysticism and Path of Tantra help us to establish the connection between the small self, and the divine self. It helps us to understand that we are not separate from the whole universe.

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