The Sacred Union Festival

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The Sacred Union Festival

28th November – 2nd December in Goa

What do we mean by
Sacred Union ?

A deep meeting of masculine and feminine is possible when both women and men meet from a healed space, dropping all the masks of identification, conditioning, old baggage, gender roles etc.

What is happening
in the festival ?

At the Sacred Union, shivas and shaktis from both festivals will come together to celebrate and integrate into who they truly are.

Experience the true joy of tantra and ecstasy at the festival through this meeting of yin-yang energies within and outside. Understanding the meaning of ritual, ceremonies and how it can be used to create magical spaces.

What will it contain ?

This festival will have groups from the Wonder Women Festival and Medicine Man festival in one venue, working on their inner journey.

It is two separate groups of men and women in the same venue but separate spaces. The groups will meet on the fourth day in a sacred way of meeting of Shiva and Shakti. Feeling the magnificence of the energy of divine feminine and masculine.

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