Womens’ Orgasmic Fulfilment

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Womens’ Orgasmic Fulfilment

Masterclass with Ma Ananda Sarita

As more women tune into loving themselves, this will spread and become a full movement of energy and power.

Since we are 50% of humanity, we can turn things around, and it starts with
me, with you and every woman you know. And like this the ripples keep expanding.

Women have a multitude of orgasmic possibilities to explore whether that be sexual and pleasure oriented or our potential for cosmic orgasm.

All we need to support the opening of our pleasure potential is learn about our miraculous power, let go and allow it!

Many women repress their erotic nature out of fear of being ˜too much.” The time has come in today’s world to unleash our power and inner ecstasy. It is this same passionate exploration that will lead us into deeper love and higher consciousness states..

Join Ma Ananda Sarita in this very special, 1 hour masterclass, presented as a part of the Evolve Wonder Woman Online Festival 2021. Sarita delves deep into the world of a woman’s orgasmic potential via transmission and meditation.

It is no coincidence or mere curiosity that has brought you here. The Goddess within you is longing to be acknowledged and nurtured.

Ask yourself if you love your own body? Or if you realise how magnificent you are? It is through opening to your potential that you will create the world you desire to live in.

Online Course

Women’s Erotic & Emotional Fulfilment

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Have you ever had questions around finding fulfilment as a woman? Or in your relationships with yourself, family or lover?

Perhaps you would like to go further and seek methods that would help you maximise your orgasmic potential and ultimately open a new dawn for the divine feminine everywhere.

About the facilitator

Ma Ananda Sarita


Ma Ananda Sarita is a world-renowned Tantra master and mystic offering courses, retreats and trainings throughout the world.

She has embraced the Goddess within through many years of meditation, tantra and holistic healing practices. Ma Ananda Sarita met Osho in Bombay, India in 1973 and received a direct transmission and much personal guidance from him for the following 26 years. The teachings she offers are influenced profoundly by the fact that she is a part of Osho’s lineage. The enlightened vibration and wisdom she received from Osho is woven into the fabric of all her work.

True to the spiritual essence, Ma Sarita guides her students on their path of self-realisation and invites you to discover the fullness of your own inner potential, as a lover, a mother & creator and a wise woman.

She also helps people to transcend the psychological issues which are carried as a result of cultural conditioning and past experiences.

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