New Moon in Scorpio with Agapi Apostolopoulou

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Nov, 5th 2021

04:30 PM UK TIME / 05:30 PM CET / 10:00 PM IST

New moon in scorpio

with Agapi Apostolopoulou

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New Moon in Scorpio

New moons represent new beginnings and are a great time for intention-setting and making good on personal promises.

Since Scorpio energy rules death and rebirth, this is the best time to reinvent one-self. Scorpio’s intense energy during this lunar cycle will inspire us to investigate the darker parts of ourselves and delve into our feelings as deep as possible.

This new moon in Scorpio is a perfect opportunity for diving into intimacy and working on being more vulnerable in relationships, deepening your bond with your partner, your close ones and most importantly with your own self.

What are we planning for this day?

SACRED CONNECTION Where the Yoni meets the Heart
A special Tantra based free guided meditation event, to tap into the energy of this New Moon.


Where the Yoni meets the heart, our sexual energy can be awakened by the vital energy that rises from the core of mother earth, penetrates us from our vagina, blesses and feeds all our chakras.

The natural way of being in a feminine body is to absorb this energy from the first chakra, let it ascend, awaken our sacred serpent (kundalini) energy residing in our second chakra and continue spreading itself throughout all our body.

When we are able to tap into this state of being, we can establish a deep intimate and sacred connection with our true-self.

Why do we need to establish this SACRED CONNECTION?

Unfortunately, women today use their sexuality with the only purpose of connecting to men. This does not help them move this energy upwards but makes it get stuck in their belly and sometimes leak from the body.

When this serpent is suppressed and asleep, the woman loses connection to her authentic self and becomes a “pawn” of society. She becomes the “good obedient girl” that society wants her to become!

On the contrary, when we consciously use this energy, we live a life of health, vitality, joy, abundance, creativity, and more.

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What can one expect through such a CONNECTION with their TRUE AUTHENTIC self?

All women deeply yearn to liberate their serpent and, at the same time, are so much afraid of this liberation. But when this energy reaches the chakra of the heart is when the magic happens!

  • This is the sacred moment when the woman can open herself and blossom to her true power that has nothing to do with the authoritarian power of society but with the power of love!
  • This is the moment that she emanates unconditional love from her heart, her breasts and her nipples.
  • This energy creates an electromagnetic field around her that makes her a beautiful sphere of love. With this sphere, she can spread love all around and transform everything into love!
  • This is the moment when a woman becomes unstoppable. In this state of being, no one can control her, suppress her, use her and keep her away from her Authentic Self!

In this tantric event, we will take a glimpse of letting this energy reach our hearts and help us become the love that we are!

What are the benefits of doing such a practice

The session will be an opportunity for you to:

  • Meet all parts of yourself intimately and see your truth
  • Be able to connect with your true essence
  • Voice your truth and live it out every day fearlessly
  • Find a new way of relating with your sexuality
  • Open yourself to absorb the Earth’s love
  • Step more into your Sacred Feminine
  • Reconnect to your true feminine power that is Love!
New moon in Scorpio

Flow of the event

  • Introduction
  • Theory and Discussion
  • Guided Meditation
  • Open space for sharing and questions
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About the facilitator

Agapi Apostolopoulou

I love taking people on a journey of discovering their Authentic Self!

I do that by imparting a variety of sessions and workshops in different places of the world, blending the secrets of channelling, shamanism, tantra, and dance.

One of the most important goals in my mission is to help people create a profound transformation in all sectors: the physical, the emotional, the mental and the energetic!

“I am only here to give you guidance in your journey; the merit belongs to you when you find the courage to accomplish it!”

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