Couples Tantra

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Couples Tantra

By Tanmaya

“Love can only be known by loving!” Osho

The conflicts and problems of our time and in this world can be boiled down to one conflict: The conflict between man and woman, the conflict between the male and the female energies in life. Chinese medicine says that imbalance between male and female energy lies at the root of all disease.


The male-female man-woman relationship is the smallest entity that contains these two opposites, but actually, there is even a male-female relationship inside of you. An inner man, an inner woman, active and receptive forces, activity and relaxation, waking and sleeping, loving and hating actually all in life is made out of polarities. And to embrace polarities and transcend them into oneness is the aim of Tantra, its very own heartbeat.


Tantra is the only spiritual path that includes relating as a spiritual practice. Tantra is not afraid of emotions, the turmoil we experience when we are relating-emotions arise when we are alive. Tantra uses the relationship as a valid path to enlightenment.We have come to this plain as souls to experience LIFE not to avoid and master LIFE. And life means Love.


At the core of every human being is the deep desire to love and serve love. We are born with an intrinsic trust in love. And then in the process of growing up, we got wounded by love and lost that trust. Through entering into a love relationship with another we are longing to find this lost paradise. Relating has a great potential for awakening but there are also many misunderstandings about relationships.


These days a ‘functioning’ healthy relationship seems to be an exception from the rule and we think it might be pure luck or a miracle. As we grow up there is no education on how to live and nurture a healthy love relationship in our society and most of us have experienced the opposite of a healthy relationship as a role model.


You can see the potential of relating like this:

Falling in love is connecting to the original seed of love we are born with, deciding to enter the relationship is planting the seed and when we consciously work on the relating, nurturing, fertilising it and taking good care of the plant we can see the plant growing in health and ultimately witness its flowering. We can enjoy the growth, the fruits the plant is bearing can feed us, the leaves and branches can provide us shade to rest and shelter from harsh weather and the strong trunk can help us to climb and rise higher towards the sky.


The soulmate journey

Embarking on the journey of becoming Soulmates you are saying yes to take care of this plant, whether the seed has just sprouted or your plant of love is weak and needs extra care, the most important thing is that you have turned towards it.

You are looking in the same direction. This first step can open you to a new reality.

The soulmate training supports you to use challenges as stepping stones, weaknesses as reasons to go deeper into intimacy and lovemaking as prayer. Both masculine and feminine energies will be nurtured as we are focusing on deepening love and raising consciousness and awareness.


Here are some of the alchemystical keys you will come across when you embark on the journey of sacred relating. Healing wounds of love through love using sexual energies as fuel for meditation and higher consciousness being accepted with all your good and bad sides embodying the tantric pillars of love and meditation/awareness, experiencing bliss and ecstasy while dropping into deepest intimacy by being vulnerable.


Read more about my own experience going through ‘Soulmate training’.

I still remember the excitement, the curiosity when my beloved and I decided to step onto the Soulmate path in February 2012. And from that day we decided to embark on this journey, we kept growing deeper and deeper in intimacy and higher and higher into love with every level of the training. Throughout the training, we could clear things, which kept us from truly opening to each other sexually, emotionally and spiritually.

I never ever regretted this step on the path even for a single moment. I am so delighted and blessed to share this path with many couples. I am so happy to inspire couples through my own experience and my biggest reward is always to see lovers transform so rapidly and blossoming into love, conflicts disappear, wounds heal, differences melt. We are home in Oneness. This gives me hope not only individually but for the whole world.


Read about my experience in more detail below:

“Travelling on the path of Tantra together with my beloved has fulfilled my deepest longing of living in love, harmony, meditation and sexual aliveness together. Giving priority to love and relating including your sexuality brings immense transformation.

Tantra offers the unique gift of healing and clearing what holds us back from living our full potential and at the same time creates the possibility to experience oneness and meditation. Being on such a journey together with my partner is truly sacred and the most intimate thing I can share with another being.


Why embark on the Tantra Journey as a couple?


Receive valuable education and support to live a healthy love relationship, meet other couples, who are as well interested in growing as partners and lovers. Experience that you are not alone with troubles in relating. We offer transformative methods to navigate through conflicts and issues. You will learn how to practice Tantra as an individual and as a couple. You will receive support from a Tantra tribe. We will enhance the male and female polarities to enable the most ecstatic union possible. You will experience emotional, sexual and spiritual intimacy. Wounding of love and other traumas can be healed. Learn many wonderful ways of making love. Establish healthy and heartful communication. Spend quality time together. Experience a refreshing attitude to commitment.


Sharing emotional intimacy, sexual intimacy and spiritual intimacy allows being fully seen and present in the relating. We are finally enriching each other’s soul and the soul of our relating. Yes the ‘Soulmate Training’ demands dedication and commitment but giving priority to love, relating and sexuality transformed my entire life.


Being on this journey with other couples as companions on the path has been an incredible support…. I have shared some of my most ecstatic, vulnerable and silent moments with them. Strangers became intimate friends; We experienced Sacred Love Union with our intimate partners as something beyond the norm of marriage or relationship. We have finally got our thirst quenched, realizing that there is more to a relationship than what we have witnessed in our own upbringing. We have been able to access and experience the reality of flow, love, passion and meditation between man and woman.

This training is a revolution for each individual, each couple and the entire humanity. I am bowing down in deepest gratitude to my beloved Anahata, to all the couples from the Soul Mate Training, to my beloved Teachers, Sarita, Suta and to Love itself!”

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