Human Design Types and Energy

By June 4, 2021Inspirations

Human Design Types and Energy

By Shantamo

Your type, one of the three main Keys in Human Design, describes how your life energy functions. If you do not know your type, you can request your free chart here and I will send your type description along with your chart.

To know how your type interacts with the other types can be really useful. It helps to understand that many difficulties between people are no one’s fault. Or, seen from the positive side, it shows us the best ways how we can work and live together.

Basic Introduction to Type Interactions
There are five types. Here they are, with the approximate percentage of the total population for each of them:

  1. Manifestors – 11%
  2. Generators – 34%
  3. Manifesting Generators – 33%
  4. Projectors – 21%
  5. Reflectors – 1%

These can be categorized in two main groups: Manifestors, Generators, Manifesting – Generators are energy type while Projectors and Reflectors are non-energy types.

The energy types have centers activated in their chart that want to do something, manifest something, or both. They are pre-programmed for action. Doing makes them happy and then, at the end of the day, they can enjoy a well-deserved rest.

Does this mean that Projectors and Reflectors, the non-energy types, are just hanging around, waiting for the other ones to put food on the table, and maybe a beer as well? Actually, it is good if they allow this side in them. They often feel something is wrong with them, because the vast majority of humanity – more than 75% – is so active. Then they try to be just like an energy type, forcing themselves to a higher pace than is good for them. Their body does not like this, so it often leads to health challenges. Moreover, they are missing the role that is meant for them. What could that be?

Back to the energy types: if they do not have anything meaningful to do, they become dejected and feel useless. Their energy level decreases and they feel an unsatisfied sense of tiredness at the end of the day. They can actually get kind of grumpy. Because they tend to be so involved in their activities, it is not so easy for them to take a step back and see how what they do fits in the bigger context. They end up moving in a circle, having forgotten how they got into it and what could be the sense of it all.

Here non-energy types can help. They naturally stand back from life a little, observing what goes on and often wondering about it. They can sense the bigger picture, and what the energy types would need to do to realign themselves. They are potential guides. But they need to wait for the permission of the energy types to be guided. With that yes, a beautiful synergy happens. The energy types provide the life force, the non-energy types contribute the overview. They are equal, and together they can create miracles.

This is not to say that we cannot be happy and fulfilled on our own. It is a description of the general dynamics between groups of people and how they can support each other. A little understanding of the other type can make our interactions much smoother and so raise the energy level of the whole group.

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