Is it OK to have sex with a woman while menstruating?

By August 7, 2021Inspirations

Is it OK to have sex with a woman while menstruating?

By Agapi Apostolopoulou

It all depends on the vibration and the consciousness of the woman! The moment of menstruation is a powerful moment during the woman’s cycle. It is when the “wall” between the conscious and the subconscious world becomes thin like a “curtain”! It is the moment she can access most of her power through her intuition and magic abilities! If she maintains herself in high vibration and if she lives in peace with her shadow, not being afraid to dive deep and embrace the worst “monsters” of her subconscious, then her blood is magic!

Making love with her during menstruation is like visiting a sacred temple of death and rebirth and letting yourself be guided by the wisdom and the magic of the priestess! She will take you on a journey of transformation with love, sweetness but at the same time with the determination of Goddess Kali! Love-making like this can be a powerful initiation in a man’s world, especially if there is also a specific intention placed before!

I wouldn’t recommend having sex with a woman who hasn’t embraced her inner Goddess while menstruating. Of course, it all depends on the situation and the general context, but
if you are interested in keeping your energetic body away from external influences, it is better to avoid it!

How can I feel mentally or emotionally free and stable?

To answer this question, I need to start from the fact that each of us creates his/her own individual reality, and everything is vibration! The problem begins when we are not aware of our inner Creator’s power and start creating our reality subconsciously.

In this state of being, we are very weak; anything can manipulate us and contribute to our creations. When we avoid our inner Creator or our Divine part and play the role
of the victim, we start lowering the frequency of our vibration, and we feel emotions like fear, anger, frustration, disappointment, and more.

To keep ourselves in a high vibration, we need to:

  1. Stay away from toxic news and toxic people: if you want to know what is happening in the world, do not watch the news but read several websites or newspapers to take different points of view and then decide what you would like to choose as your truth.
  2. Keep your energetic body clean: we need to take care and clean our energetic body the same way we clean our physical one! Good ways to do that are diving in the sea, using sage or incense, walking barefoot, meditating, sungazing and more.
  3. Keep on working on yourself: Keep the work of introspection, heal your inner child, cut the cords with family, religion, society, etc.
  4. Meditate: many people do not meditate because they hesitate to stay in a position for some time. You can start meditating only for five minutes, and if you feel comfortable, you can add more time to that. It is better to do it even for five minutes than not to do it at all!
  5. Be in nature: Visit nature as much as possible! If you live in a big city, go to parks and even if you do not have parks around, buy a plant and place your hands in the soil many times per day.
  6. Move and take care of your body! Dance, run, swim, walk! Do anything you can to move the energy! At the same time, take care of what you eat because everything can contribute to your vibration and feelings.
  7. Stay PRESENT in your body in the present moment: I think this is the most important! Be inside your body and do not lose yourself in thoughts of the past or the future that can create low vibration emotions.
  8. Last but not least: Do not forget to have fun!!!!!

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