Most Common Mistakes in Relationships

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Most Common Mistakes in Relationships

BY: Dipa Mutsaddi

When it comes to relationships, be it of any kind, the most common mistake people make is pertaining to communication. Conflicts arise when people do not communicate properly, keep unrealistic expectations from each other and maintain grudges from the past; all of which eventually lead to misunderstandings and breakups. The good news is: no matter what has transpired, relationships can be salvaged. After all: a locksmith never manufactures a lock without a key. Having said so; it is always better to be forewarned and forearmed, meaning that one should be aware of common relationship mistakes beforehand. This awareness can help you avoid the said mistakes in the first place.

So without further adieu, below are 5 common mistakes people tend to make in relationships:

1: Trying to escape problems

Often, people try to sweep away a problem under the rug thinking that by ignoring something, it will cease to exist. However, that hardly works. If there is a problem, no matter where you go, it will chase you. The wisest people deal with the problem from the start. They communicate positively. If it is a romantic relationship, trying to run away from the problem instead of resolving it will only lead to breakup or divorce.

2: Not respecting each other

If there is one thing everyone wants it is respect. Whether you are a man or a woman, the most important aspect in a relationship is respecting each other. Women must understand that a man’s ego drives him, motivates him and validates him. Men on the other hand must respect that a woman is an emotional being. When you understand these simple facts, it can help you tackle any situation, no matter what, without being disrespectful to the other party.

3: Trying to give from an empty cup

There is a saying that goes; ‘You cannot give from an empty cup’. Most romantic relationships these days are like that. Each partner depends strongly on the other to uplift, encourage and nourish them so that they can become their best version. In reality, one should focus on self-love. Until you love yourself deeply and fully, embrace your flaws wholly, how can you expect someone else to do so? Each partner should love oneself completely before expecting the same from the other. Only when your cup is full, you can give that love to others. The same is true in conflicts. Work on changing yourself first, before trying to change the other. This mantra can help you in every relationship: personal and professional.

4: Keeping misconceptions about romantic love

Most of the youth today is misled by the ‘love’ depicted in movies and books; the romantic, running- around-trees kind of love. Instead, love should be unconditional. When you say you love pizza-it means you want to eat that pizza. So when you say you love someone, it shouldn’t mean that you only love them because they give you pleasure. True love is all about giving without expecting anything in return. It means truly loving someone in sickness and in health.

5: Not maintaining boundaries

For any relationship to work there has to be respect for each other’s boundaries. And that means giving space to one-another. After all, love is all about giving someone wings to fly but also giving them roots to come back. So respect each other’s boundaries as against stifling them with conditions and demands. Only when you both understand this concept, will true love blossom making yours a beautiful relationship you can always count on.

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