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By Ma Mohini Srishati

We live in a world which is numbed. When I see people around I feel more like robots then an individual who is alive, and living life fully. People who have numbed themselves to their emotions, feelings and everything which is human.

Well in a way we all are numb to wake up to our eternal freedom. But some more than others. How can you live life without feeling life?

Why would you choose to shut yourself than opening yourself completely in your shadows and light.
Well, I see largely the collectiveness doesn’t want us to wake up whether it is parents, government, friends, education, religion. Yes can happen you meet some angels on the way who slightly and quietly deliver you this message to wake up or shake you up. This whole world is operating like on a remote control and most of us function nearly the same way. We act, think, do everything in the same way. Like it’s just a copy paste. It’s like all are colourised systems operated in similar ways. If you have seen the movie Matrix you can relate to what I mean.

What are the unconscious ways which are keeping us numb, distracted and killing our souls? Alcohol, drugs, entertainment (movies, media, Netflix, social media), gadgets (phone computers, games), education system, career oriented lifestyle, religion.

Numbing ourselves to any emotions, feelings and sensations is like denying a part of us to live. We are adulterating our senses in a way which is numbing us than consciously engaging. Loud music, noise, work, TV, phones, over eating, alcohol, drugs, highly perfumed products, disconnected with sensory touch, with body pleasures, sexuality.

Why are we choosing to be numb? Because that’s an easy way out, waking up might mean seeing our shit, shadows, misery or pain which is harder for most. Secondly everyone is numb around or doing the same so makes us feel comfortable and one amongst all.

Have you asked yourself when was the last time you really felt alive? Or if you are aware what makes you numb and How can you bring consciousness to this numbness? First step is to be aware of all the areas where you feel numb. And why do you choose to be numb? The most important thing you can do in your life to break this numbness is to bring meditation as a daily practice, it may give a spark back to your life. Do things or practice meditation which can help to activate your heart chakra or flow of love within. Make love to yourself which can activate your deeper orgasms. Connect with such activities you really deeply enjoyed but didn’t find time before, connect with such people who make you feel love, and most importantly connect to your inner voice and guidance.

Life doesn’t have to be lived with head but from heart which can allow you to feel the green as more green, the vastness and emptiness of the sky and oceans, the sound of birds and children.
Feel it before it’s too late and you repent in your deathbed that it was a life lived like a dead.
You need help to break through. It’s out there just call for it and take a step of courage…

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