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Sept, 25th, 2022

4:00 IST/ 12:30 PM CEST/ 11:30 AM UK time
New Moon in Libra

A Sacred Dance

Meditation with Meher Malik

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A time to initiate new cycles, new moons are always a magical time. The next new moon in Libra will arrive on 25th September. This is a great time to focus on family, emotions, creativity and bringing beauty into life.

  • Are you wanting to nurture your family connections more deeper?
  • Do you want to start a family/ planning parenthood?
  • Would you like to reconcile with a lost connection in love, life or family?
  • Are you lacking empathy around others?

Libra is a sign that focuses on astral moments, offering insight on what needs to be analysed, detailed and worked upon. With this in mind there is space to work on important life cycle changes which will be of benefit long after this lunar cycle is over.

What are we planning for this day?

A Sacred Dance practice with Meher Malik. 

Sacred Dance brings together the experience of infinite prana flow in the body along with an intention of surrender. We melt into bhakti and discover the inner temple within this body itself. We’ll be exploring sacred geometry in the body and discovering a realm where beauty meets balance both inner and outer. The movement meditation journey is designed for anyone who wants to embrace the embodiment of both these principles through breathwork and movement methods.

What to expect from this session?

  • Learn to move into the body and away from the head.
  • Learn to balance your emotions by releasing them from the body.
  • Embrace the power of movement for manifestation
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Please note the recording can be accessed for the next 30 days from the day of the session. This session is open for all genders.

What will the participants learn / receive (key benefits/takeaways) from this session?

    • Learn about the potent power of your infinite prana flow from the body
    • Discover the art of surrender through movement meditation
    • Discover those secrets of your sacred temple- the body

Is this for you?

        • Are you feeling out of touch with your body?
        • Have you been feeling stuck and more in your mind?
        • Have you been feeling unbalanced with your masculine and feminine energy?
        • Are you longing for inner-freedom?If you answered yes, to any of these questions, then this is for you.
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Flow of the event

      • Introduction & Opening – Grounding and Breathwork
      • Movement Meditation
      • Open space for sharing and questions
About the facilitator

Meher Malik

Meher Malik is the Founder & Director of Banjara School Of Dance – India’s largest belly dance school. Meher is a believer in the medicinal magic of movement and has created a community of sisters across the world guiding women back into their bodies and leading them to self-care and love. She is a mother and a wife, a vegan and a minimalist, an artist and an entrepreneur but strongly believes that her identity is not defined by any of these. She is a seeker on a spiritual quest, not searching for answers but the right questions. Her life philosophy is to ‘move’ people in whatever way in a direction towards a better, wiser, kinder, happier world. Meher is now a full time researcher and is developing proof based research on alternative healing modalities using Kirlian photography. Through ‘Chakraqs’ a self-healing course designed by her, she helps people to unlock the secrets of their bodies, minds and spirit.

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