Sacred Womb Wisdom & Awakened Belly Dance

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Sacred Womb Wisdom & Awakened Belly Dance

with Katie Holland

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‘In Lak’ech Ala K’in’ ~ I am another you

Mayan greeting

Welcome to the The Awakened Bellydance™ guide to ‘staying centred in the market place during uncertain times.’

What is Awakened Bellydance?

Awakened Bellydance is a multi-faceted, transformative, self-awakening process which catapults you into an embodied and authentic awakening.

An intuitive remembering and reclaiming of You through conscious movement and self-exploration. Katie will guide you in sacred dance movements, breath-work and visualisation to transform, transmute, reclaim and embody your beautiful, sovereign self.

What will you learn?

We will initiate and re-establish a deep and authentic connection to self which will enable you to connect, discern and intuit your inner and outer world more clearly and truthfully.

Sacred Womb Wisdom & Awakened Belly Dance

This will include :

  • shadow work
  • embodied movements
  • breath-work
  • journaling
  • radical self-honesty

You will learn how to communicate with your body through Awakened Bellydance processes. This will support you to empower yourself as you recognise and transmute where you feel held back or are resistant.

This may also include working with epigenetic patterns and behaviours, collective shadow (feminine and masculine) and archetypal work.

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All sessions will include :

  • grounding
  • integration
  • embodied awakening

*Awakened Bellydance is a powerful process which can release emotions that would like to be acknowledged. Please journal/draw to support your journey.
*No dance experience is necessary, just an open heart to Be.
*You do not need a physical womb to take part in Awakened Bellydance.

This Awakened Bellydance™ course is for all who would like to remember, align and manifest their authentic soul path.

Our womb space acts like an alchemical treasure chest of creation. This could be creating a project, a baby, balancing hormones, a relationship, a sensual you, a new life, abundance and more! Our womb space holds all the keys to manifesting our greatest potential and the greatest key of all; our ability to self-initiate ourselves.

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Sacred Womb Wisdom & Awakened Belly Dance Curriculum

Re-wilding Kundalini

Tending the land ~ Anchoring the light as we connect deeply to our womb space. What shadows lie within? Where are you sabotaging you? We dance ourselves deeply into our roots and our wild woman hidden within to reconnect to our truth and integrate our true essence as we create fertile land.

Sacred Geometry of the Womb

Sowing the seeds ~ All the answers to all the questions are held within the sacred chalice of your womb space. Explore and integrate the weaving of your own creative alchemy; why did you come here? Why did you create this body? How can you manifest and create the dreams of your soul?

Embodying Sensuality through the Heart

Inner Alchemy ~ cracking open to illuminate and liberate your heart space. Connecting wholly to you as you remember how it feels to flow through life. Liberate your light unapologetically as you self-initiate your womb space through acceptance and radical self-love. How does your frequency impact the collective? Who are you not to shine your light?

Workshop Cost

 125.00 Only

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About Katie Holland

Katie Holland is a sacred dance therapist, professional dancer and the creator of Awakened Bellydance™. Katie experienced a spiritual awakening aged seven which activated her soul mission. This, coupled with several spontaneous Kundalini awakenings as an adult led her on an alchemical journey of inner transformation and an innate understanding of how to embody and dance with the new incoming light frequencies through sacred dance.

Originally from England, Katie has explored the world since 2006, living in India and Bali for 11 years; teaching, performing and creating whilst studying with masters of sacred cultural dances, Tantra, Shamanism, Yoga, Meditation, Trance and Energy healing techniques.


Katie is a woman, dancer, teacher and healer and I’m blessed to have been part of this unique, transformational experience, shared with a group of awesome women who I now call sisters and friends. With Katie’s guidance, I look forward to sharing with the beautiful women of the world, helping them to be free of the constraints that bind them and imbuing them with the power that is truly their own

I think what stands out for me was times I was really emotional and allowed to be just that with love and acceptance. There was no one trying to fix me or close me down. The emotion was accepted. I can remember sobbing on your shoulder Katie and you held me but at the same time kept facilitating. That felt very safe like ...its fine to fall apart ....keep on with it and we are still here and will be here when you are ready

OMG this is just amazingly awesome. I went to a workshop on Sat! Be prepared to open and shine!!! Thank you so much Katie."
"Thank you Katie, your wisdom and intuition are outstanding. I’m still buzzing!

This kind of feminine awakening & connecting course is a must do for any type of woman

We were all deeply touched by Katie's teaching and the experience of AWBD. It was a powerful and beautiful experience, painful yet I felt and learned so much about myself and others and relationships, and so much more

Katie, I feel incredibly blessed and privileged to have been part of your first awakened belly dance training, and to have experienced it all with such a beautiful tribe of wild sisters, please never ever forget you are all F*****G AWESOME!!!! Namaste xx

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