Wonder Women Symposium

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Online Wonder Women symposium (The power of Feminine)

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What will you learn from the symposium ?

THEME for this year:

The Power of the Feminine

What is the power of a feminine? Where does it lie?

The power of the feminine lies in her heart, her yoni, her breasts , her womb, her intuitive nature and innate wisdom of the body. Everyone of us has been blessed with the potential to reclaim this power. A power that is potent to heal our own lives and those around us. By tapping into these centres she can explore the power of her own femininity.

As a woman, we all have different sides to us- medicine woman, the priestess, the seductress, the mother, the wild woman. When each of these sides is discovered, true magic happens. She claims her power, playing through the field of polarity, raising her vibrations to heal & live this fullest potential with joy.

We long to take control of our life, our decisions, owning our sensuality, being fierce without aggression. When disconnected from this source of power, we stay stuck in life, without flowing with our true sense of purpose. The body shuts down from surrendering to love, abundance and wisdom.

When a woman has explored her true sense of power within, healing happens. Like a divine dance, she flows into her being. Staying true to her life purpose, her vision of birthing anything she desires.

This year, we have an array of online masterclasses with the world’s leading tantra visionaries to explore each note of your feminine essence. The joy, the shadow self, the body and the magic of intuition. Each session is designed to meet and empower each of your body, heart & the need of the mind.

Who are We ?

The purpose of Wonder Woman Community is to bring women together to begin a journey of consciousness and inner freedom. Assisting and supporting you to live a free flowing, ever-changing, healing lifestyle.
We love to open the door to transformation for all those souls craving to seek the truth. Be it a burning desire to know more about your body, the truth of life and what true love can feel like. Our passion is to unite a community of like-minded people who intend to be the change they want to see in the world with the help of some of the most brilliant evolution experts
Through our events we seek to bring a change in the system of education and raise awareness around many traditionally ignored, unspoken or taboo subjects. This is where you get to take a leap of faith into the unknown.

*open for men too if you like to empower your feminine or you can gift this course to a friend

Who is this Symposium for?

This is for you:

  • If you like a breakthrough in life , If you are looking to find that inner power within you
  • If you’re seeking for a new perspective in life, relationships or your career
  • If you’re looking to meet like-minded women who aren’t afraid of owning their power
  • If you’re new to tantra and want to explore your sexuality deeper
  • If you want to go deeper within yourself
  • If you have never attended a women-only online symposium
  • If you wish to renew and start life from a new perspective with all juiciness.
  • If you feel bored and tired of old patterns in life
  • If you wish to bring healing on physical, mental and emotional levels
This is not for you:

  • If you are looking to escape reality
  • If you are seeking a quick fix to your problems

What will you get ? 4 power sessions by 4 powerful women

The symposium will introduce you to 4 empowered facilitators who are experts in their respective fields. Each of them will share a powerful session on a unique topic of 75-90 min each. These sessions will help you land in your power!

Magical Keys to Open the Goddess Portals with Ma Ananda Sarita

Reconnecting with our innate capacity for emotional fluidity, love and expanded spiritual states empowers us to embrace wholeness and bliss. Take this journey through your Goddess Portals and solve one of the greatest puzzles of all time; how can a woman attain to inner wisdom and balance this with her sensuality? Sarita will guide you on an inner pilgrimage which will help you to attain empowerment and centering, in just a few easy steps.

’Power of Choice & Expansive State of Being ‘ with Mohini Srishati

Landing from confusion to clarity, from weakness to strength , from shrinking to expansive state of being. Mohini will be sharing practises on how you can take this journey to navigate through various situations in life when you are challenged or feeling lost.

Sensual Somatic with Meher Malik

Many women have become disconnected from the rhythms of their bodies – be it menstruation , intuition or creative flow. Trauma stored in the body can uproot us our divine feminine essence. Through movement methods Meher will guide to a re journey into the depth of our wombs, the gentleness of our souls and the wildness of our existence.

Womb Alchemy with Kaulike

Embody the wisdom within by letting the womb lead its way.
For a woman, her womb is home to the second chakra, the Sacral Chakra, which is related to creativity, pleasure, and joy. It also can be a place where trauma from past experiences including ancestral ones.
Imprints, traumas, beliefs, stuck energies all of this can unconsciously show up in the body & afftect the womb cycle. Healing the connection to your womb can open you up to a more embodied and empowered way of life

Experience the magic of womb wisdom through a guided meditation with Kaulike.

The session will include –

  • Tantra wisdom & practises
  • Guided meditations
  • Dance & movement as therapy
  • Classical Tantra
  • Sacred Feminine Path
  • Art of Intimacy & Relating

Bonus Masterclass on Sacred Blood

Ma Ananda Sarita


Ma Ananda Sarita is a world-renowned Tantra master and mystic offering courses, retreats and training throughout the world.

She met Osho in Mumbai, India in 1973 and received direct transmission and much personal guidance from him for the following 26 years. The teachings she offers are influenced profoundly by the fact that she is a part of Osho’s lineage. The enlightened vibration and wisdom she received from Osho is woven into the fabric of all her work.

True to the spiritual essence of Tantra, Sarita guides her students on the path of self-realisation and invites you to discover the fullness of your own inner potential. She also helps people to transcend the psychological issues which are carried as a result of cultural conditioning and past experiences.

Sarita has created and teaches over 30 unique Tantra groups in service of personal and planetary bliss. Find out more about her work at:

About the facilitator

Mohini Srishati

Mohini Srishati is a versatile woman and surfing in real life through different roles of being a Mother, Tantrica, Business woman, Evolution expert and a Traveller. She transcends norms and stereotypes and is a gentle reminder and inspiration to those of us who wish to do the same.
She likes to ignite people’s hearts and souls. Inspire them to make change and live life consciously and in celebration. As an initiative in this direction she decided to organise and teach in different Tantra retreats and festivals. She completed a 2 years certified intensive Tantra teacher training course with Tantra essence plus many years of enriching spiritual experiences in her life. She has spent time with many tantra teachers and is inspired by Osho, Goenka and Ma Anand Sarita.
She is the curator and teacher for Wonder Woman Festival. Name of the festival is inspired by her own life and her blossoming into different roles and essence of Feminine. Being a Tantrica she likes to spread the message of living a sexually empowered and embodied life. She is organising both online and offline courses through ‘Evolve Beings’.
This festival will be inspired from the Shamanic, Tantra and meditation practices to break through our patterns of life and realise our true soul calling.
In today’s sensual and materialistic era Tantra is the only evolved spiritual discipline that uses our senses and desires to achieve the goal of liberation. So we need to drop and heal that shame and guilt to start celebrating and enjoying our bodies to derive joy and wellbeing.
After many years of following the spiritual path whilst simultaneously being involved in the business world, creating and successfully running a company, Srishati started envisioning practically bringing the two worlds together. The purpose all along was to bridge the seemingly big gap between the corporate and spiritual world and be a positive force in creating more unity and less separation. She aimed to make spiritual teachings more accessible and easier digestible for people looking to evolve or expand in life.

Meher Malik

Meher Malik is the Founder & Director of Banjara School Of Dance – India’s largest belly dance school. Meher is a believer in the medicinal magic of movement and has created a community of sisters across the world guiding women back into their bodies and leading them to self-care and love. She is a mother and a wife, a vegan and a minimalist, an artist and an entrepreneur but strongly believes that her identity is not defined by any of these. She is a seeker on a spiritual quest, not searching for answers but the right questions. Her life philosophy is to ‘move’ people in whatever way in a direction towards a better, wiser, kinder, happier world. Meher is now a full time researcher and is developing proof based research on alternative healing modalities using Kirlian photography. Through ‘Chakras’ a self-healing course designed by her, she helps people to unlock the secrets of their bodies, minds and spirit.
Profile Link:

About the facilitator

Kaulike Anandi

Kaulike Anandi was born into a family, which is connected with the tantric lineage of Ramakrishna Paramhansa. She spent most of her early years with her grandmother who she considers as her foremost teacher in love, tantra, spirituality, pretty much everything that matters in life. And then came music. She found herself embracing love in the truest sense through her ‘sadhana’ (practice) of music. Her parents at that time were senior gurus in the country in the arts of theater. She grew up in an environment of a theatre commune so the feeling of living in a community was ingrained within her early on. Kaulike had never planned to get into acting given how she was deemed as the shy one. But it happened. If she would have something to share, she would love going up the stage. Otherwise most of her time went in music, books and meditation. She believes that whatever you wish for is actually the cosmos wishing for and whatever you don’t want is not really meant for you. But if you want something, surely there is something there. So it’s important to follow your heart. Her spiritual journey is all about simplifying life and becoming the embodiment of love. 

She believes everything is love. Every bit of this existence, this universe, this Cosmos, this life and this world, every bit of it is made up of love. Love is the universal energy that has created us, that is flowing through us, it is what is holding and binding everything together. Our bodies, our like containers, each vessel is made up of a very unique insight but all have  only one role to experience love and it’s magic, to blossom more, to enjoy more, to live in communion with the divine. Kaulike strongly believes that women are born with Shakti ingrained in them right from their birth. They just have to recognize their immense power and then see the magic around them unfold every day of their lives.

Kaulike found herself dipping deeply into the world of Baul Mysticism.

The word baul means a madman. But it is a misnomer; it means someone who is free, someone who is enlightened. Kaulike believes that when one comes to the baul path, they are in total space of surrender, because they become innocent like a child. You do not judge anything or anyone. Because you completely trust in the existence as a Divine Mother as a Divine Shakti.

Baul Mysticism is deeply connected to the roots of Tantra as well. Because it is all about opening up your body through celebrations in music and dance. In Baul Mysticism we focus on singing and opening up the fifth chakra, the most mystical one. And when you open up that chakra you become a free flowing and a joyous person in touch with their true essence.

Both Baul Mysticism and Path of Tantra help us to establish the connection between the small self, and the divine self. It helps us to understand that we are not separate from the whole universe.