Your Intimacy Style & Sexual Nature: A Human Design Perspective with Madhuri

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April 17th – May 15th 2021

Your Intimacy Style & Sexual Nature

A Human Design Perspective with Madhuri

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5 week, Live Group Program:
Every Saturday @ 2:45pm GMT

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Gather around, get comfortable and keep a notebook and pen nearby. We are going to go on a very thorough journey, step by step into the wonderful, useful new system of Human Design.

Your Intimacy and Sexual Nature : A Human Design Perspective is going to give you a quick dip into your gifts and qualities around love, sex, intimacy, relating to your lover, and much more. 105 minute sessions into your Human Design – a revolutionary new way into knowing what’s really your own truth, not anybody else’s.

Join us as we take you down the path of discovery.


Katrien’s testimony

Mohini’s testimony

Kasia’s testimony

For Human Design is not really an intellectual pursuit, however engaging, but a full-body experiencing of your own life, as you were designed to be.

As with all things Evolve Beings, we believe that including Tantra in any practice gives a more wholesome perspective. ‘Tantra’ means many things: technique, flow, truthfulness in the moment; the ‘isness’ of being yourself. It is a path of love and awareness together.

Human Design facilitates this enormously by clearing away the weeds of ‘what-you-are-not’ and bringing us back to what each of us really is, in our uniqueness. And only from that place can we truly relate – with ourselves and to the other.

In the complex, thrilling, inescapable world of love, sex, and closeness, there is no one-size-fits-all. You are unique – your loved one is unique – and if there is no loved one yet, your way to approaching finding one is all your own too.

About the Workshop

In this series of five classes, we’ll be looking into the different ways we go into this realm as our true selves instead of in the ways society conditions us to.

  • Each participant will be included in the classes with her design, so that at the end you will know not only your own style, but what styles will suit you in the other; and will have some grounding in Design per se.
  • It tends to be a huge relief when we can stop expecting ourselves to be like everybody else and can relax into what suits ourselves. And in that way we can attract the best partner too.
  • Suitable if you have no experience in Human Design as well as if you have some experience.

Know more about Human design in this interview with Madhuri.

Human Design Course

Who is the course for ?

This course is for anyone who is practicing meditation, has a desire to deepen their spiritual practice.

  • You can also be a beginner in Human Design or anyone with a bit of experience in the field, looking for more.
  • Perhaps you are practicing Tantra and are looking for ways to negotiate relationships or are a student or professional in the fields of esoteric & healing arts.
  • Group leaders and therapists who would like to make space for their clients to find themselves in a simple and direct way can also benefit creating from doing Your Intimacy and Sexual Nature : A Human Design Perspective course.
  • People who are lovers or are in families/relationships/businesses/communities who want to understand more about each other and themselves.
  • Seekers, or anyone in any walk of life who wants to understand themselves better.

Breakdown of the Course

This course is a 5 week, Live Group Program where you will have one live class a week on Zoom. Each session is 105 minutes each with an interactive delivery style limited to 25 participants.

Type and Inner Authority: the Bedrock of Design

Saturday April 17th, 2021
2:45pm GMT

Profile and Intimacy Style

Saturday April 24th, 2021
2:45pm GMT

Open Centres: the stuff you don’t have to carry

Saturday May 1st, 2021
2:45pm GMT

The All-Important Emotional Centre

Saturday May 8th, 2021
2:45pm GMT

Circuitry, Finer Points, and Whom You Might Love

Saturday May 15th, 2021
2:45pm GMT

Suitable for both complete beginners and if you have some experience in Human Design.

When you register you will need to supply your birth information: date, month, year, time of day or night; city and country.

In this course you will take away:

  • A basis for beginning to examine your own life in the light of this new knowledge.
  • Experimenting with your Inner Authority.
  • An overall grounding in the basics of deciphering a Human Design chart.
  • Transmissions on meditation, spirituality, and relating.
  • Techniques for relating.
  • Techniques for meditation.

Human Design, like meditation, or life, takes many years to mature in a person. Your experiment will have a good foundation and you will have many tools and keys for the fascinating exploration of your own design and that of your lover. You’ll also have meditative techniques and keys for so many areas of your life – health, love, relating, work, creativity, and much more.

Course Cost

Course Sold Out

5 week, Live Group Program: Every Saturday @ 2:45pm GMT

Madhuri’s approach

As with psychics, healers, dentists, or artists, every Human Design reader is different. The information is the same, and yet the perspective, the presence, changes.

Madhuri’s approach is grounded in a long life as a meditator, mystic, psychic, poet, and metaphysical therapist. A veteran of many relationships and love affairs (!!), she enjoys bringing the calming, clarifying wisdom of Human Design to that often-tumultuous area.

Herself an Intuitive, she can cut through whatever mental stuff is flinging itself about and come down to the basics:

  • Who are you?
  • How do you correctly enter a situation; and how conduct yourself while you’re there?
  • And, who is the Other? And how can the most space and respect be brought in to the situation?
  • And what is all this in the light of the transcendental?

Madhuri is both earthy and light, humorous and seeing, broad-based and focused. Madhuri, and Human Design, makes you feel ‘seen’.

More about your guide


Madhuri was born in Riverside, California in 1952, into a big messy family of non-conformists. An adventurous adolescence was followed by a trip to Bombay where, at the age of 21, she was initiated into sannyas by Osho.

Her first book of poetry and short stories was published in New York in 1974, but by then she was completely absorbed into the Osho community life, meditating night and day, and soon living for a time in Osho’s house and working in his library.

The breakdowns and breakthroughs of this rocky, revelatory time later helped her in her work with people. She remained in Osho’s communes in Poona and Oregon until 2004.

During that time she tried her hand at many things and eventually settled for a while teaching psychic palm reading, dreamwork, and other esoterica she had discovered. During this time she was also a member of the Mystic Ring in the Osho School of Mysticism. She practised Colour Light therapy in the Healing Arts faculty.

In 1997 in Sedona she had her first Human Design reading, and like many other people do, she felt tremendous relief. She soon had a second reading, from Ra Uhuru himself – the founder of Human Design. In 2005 she attended a seminar with him in Ibiza.

In the following years her healing sessions and psychic readings contained more and more Human Design elements.

In 2012 she moved to England and continued her Human Design studies, participating in many groups with teacher Veet Nisarg. She has travelled widely, from Japan to Kazakhstan to Corfu to Estonia, teaching Intuitive Opening, channeling and hosting women’s groups and circles, giving Voice Dialogue sessions, Trance and Shamanic journeys. Madhuri has also developed her own Self-Healing and Angel-Healing techniques which she is honoured to share with those she meets on her journey. She is the author of 6 books, including the much-praised Mistakes on the Path.

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Did I say how impressed I was with your work with me and Stephen? He is super sceptical, but you presented your work as if it is common sense, so that's how he received it…

Julia, England

I am grateful for my session with you and your gift to see people. I think I really needed to feel seen in order to be able to see for myself what the reality of my couple relationship is... thank you for seeing me.

Nitya, Netherlands

I really enjoyed our meeting yesterday and I am so impressed by how accurate the chart and your reading is... I understand more about myself, why sometimes my body wants to stop me doing things that sooner or later I will realise from my heart don't suit me.
You gave me so much more self-confidence, self-care and worthiness... I am honoured that you shared your wisdom with me…' With warm heart

Miguel, Bali

Again and again over the years, I could feel waves of gratitude arise in my heart for the guidance you had offered me. Your readings were key to my coming back to myself. I am forever grateful for your transmissions.

Anna, England

Amazing Madhuri. I feel so inspired after our meeting today. I always love seeing you... You leave me open to another dimension of thought. Human Design is life-changing. You are very generous to me and I have learnt so much. This will make a big difference to the boys' lives and you have sowed many good seeds that will bear much fruit in the future. I am very grateful.

Dawn, London

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