The Art of Love and Intimacy

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31st March, 1st and 2nd April

Online Workshop

The Art of Love and Intimacy

With Mohini Srishati and Alessandro Di Benedetto

The Forgotten Language of Love

It is said that on the spiritual journey, we are “walking each other home”.

Human nature is inherently social, and all mammals thrive through bonding and intimacy. Without the oxytocin released from a simple hug, we lose the sweetness that makes life worthwhile.

But how do we forge authentic connections with others, when we don’t know who we are ourselves? Our first step is inwards, towards the self, to know the self, to feel it, breathe it, live it, and embody it. Seeking external validation for the self is meaningless. We need to feel the love coming from within, the endless, limitless love that does not depend on and waiver with the conditions and circumstances of life.

We practice letting go of the mistaken identity, the persona and the mask we wear to survive, and we shrug off the burdens from our shoulders as we lighten the load, shaking off the debris and dross of our busy lives. Once we connect to self, we connect to source. And once we connect to source, we connect to all and recognise each person as our self, in another guise, and each person as a Buddha, a god, a goddess.

In the Art of Love and Relating, we will be tapping into the source of love, our very own being.

From this wellspring we will sense an invitation to share this magic, to connect and communicate with our partners, our friends and our community.

This is for you if you want to:

  • Understand the forgotten art of love and intimacy
  • Get answers to those burning questions on orgasm, s*x and pleasure.
  • Get better acquainted with how to channelize your sexual energy
  • Get better acquainted with how to channelize your sexual energy
  • Learn how to experience pleasure without ejaculation
  • Go into a deep exploration and understanding of your intimacy in your safe and private space.
  • Move one step closer to being able to live your full ecstatic potential.
  • Foster love, passion, intimacy and honesty in your connections.
  • Understand better about the sexual response in the genitals, throughout the body and the brain.
  • Learn techniques on how to feel more empowered, fulfilled & ecstatically alive in and outside of the bedroom
  • Heal past abuse and trauma in relationships
  • Learn how to trust again and open your heart to love again
  • Learn how to be able to feel safety in expressing your true authentic self

Let’s talk about intimacy or lack thereof

Intimacy can be experienced in many ways from holding hands, cuddling, simple eye contact or simply feeling safe enough to be uninhibitedly your authentic self. Whatever be the different ways, human beings cannot survive without experiencing intimacy. We are hardwired to fall in love. And that should not be something to be scared of. Most of us are afraid to love or feel not worthy of it because we all have faced challenges in the face of forging intimacy with self or others.

  • Maybe you have been unable to find that space of unconditional love for yourself owing to not having ever truly experienced it yourself in any form in any other relationship of yours (parents or a partner)
  • Maybe you have been moving from one toxic relationship to the other, not quite sure as to why you are still repeating your old toxic patterns that are not serving you anymore.
  • Maybe you have lost spark in your existing relationship (s) and you are looking to revive it
  • Or maybe you just want to be able to experience truth, compassion, care, affection, conscious communication, safety and unconditional acceptance in all your relationships.

In February 2022 a group of courageous, beautiful men and women came together at the Art of Love and Intimacy retreat in Goa, their minds full of similar questions as above. At the end of the 3 days they were not the same anymore. They were able to shed their old selves. And embrace the sacred space at the retreat as a safe container to fully explore and connect with their truth. In these 3 days, they were offered a space for growth, trust and transformation. A place, where they could drop their old patterns and preconception and just dive fully in the present moment giving space to their authentic self to express.

Now ON POPULAR DEMAND we are bringing this offering to you online. Learn the forgotten language of love from the safe space of your own homes. This will be executed as a 3 day (11 AM to 1 PM IST) intensive intimacy workshop to help you experience extraordinary intimacy, love, and connection in all your relationships.

In this 3 day online workshop you will learn

  • Tantric breath work to move sexual energy
  • Techniques from Vigyan Bhairav Tantra
  • 5 element massage
  • About conscious touch and how to bring deeper intimacy in relationships
  • Tantric Rituals and Awakening of the senses
  • How to bring effective communication and resolve conflicts consciously?
  • Osho active meditations and heart meditations
  • Consent play and boundaries
  • Consent play and boundaries
  • Connecting to the body through dance and movement and much more….

Who can join?

  • Men
  • Women
  • Non-Binary
About the facilitator

Mohini Srishati

Tantrica & life coach

Mohini Srishati is the founder of which is an online educational platform for spiritual and Tantra programs. She is the creator of Wonder Women festival, which is an event hosted online/offline to ignite many women’s hearts and souls. She is a versatile woman surfing in real life through different roles of being a mother, tantrica, business woman, evolution expert and a traveller. Her ability to relate is unconventional and open, in the most romantic and playful way. She is an avid learner and has spent time with many tantra teachers and is inspired by Osho, Goenka and Mooji. She is a certified Tantra teacher from Tantra essence.

Mohini Srishati Interview with
Grace of No Age & Alessandro Di Benedetto

About the facilitator

Alessandro Di Benedetto

is a Holistic Trainer and therapist dedicated to the awakening of human consciousness.

In his teachings he combines years of experiences, continuous studies, training and practices.Driven by the passion for learning, exploring and self-development he has been traveling, working and studying around the globe for the past 9 years having the chance to work closely with humans from all walks of life. Facilitating workshops and retreats with both physical and spiritual practices.

He combines the spiritual teachings of Yoga – Tantra with breathwork practices, the art of Muay Thai, functional training and Cold therapy.

During his workshops he likes to use any input from the external world and the one within to stay present and fully aware of how different dynamics and energy affect our physical, energetic body and behaviours and how using different tools we can keep ourselves present and centred, staying fully present and allowing self-growth.

He believe that as humans we are able to do a lot more than we are taught, by embracing a conscious and healthy life-style, by rediscovering the importance of nature in our lives and using the great gifts that nature gave us

His aim is to inspire people by giving them the right tools to create their own reality and reach their higher potentials, creating a general strength and faith in humanity.
More details on :
IG @naturcura

Testimonial from Shantanu who attened the 3 day offline Art of Love and Relating retreat in Goa

To attend the three day tantra workshop, organised and co-facilated by mohini was a sheer estatic experience.....Right from the moment one entered the venue, there was a feeling of comfort and friendliness..the location of the venue, the vegetarian food and the peacefulness allowed me to cut off from the outside world immediately.....The flow of the sessions the intensity of energy and the love in the air made it possible for me to go deeper into meditative states with much more ease and comfort..the people participating felt like old family members and there was a bonding beyond the ordinary.
The tremendous openness and courage brought in by mohini and team encouraged us to be more in the flow and overcome our fears, it allowed us to look at deep hurts and traumas at core levels which otherwise is difficult to access...The space created and held by the team felt like a surreal setting outside the ordinary, where one had the opportunity to expand and enhance more...These three days was a great experience of life and went by like a breeze...full of fun, love and laughter..along with new realisations and strengths. Thank you mohini and team for making this possible.

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