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Do not dwell in the past; do not dream of the future; focus the mind on the present moment.


Evolve opens the door to transformation for every man and woman, of any age.

Be it a burning desire to know more about your body, the truth of life and what true love can feel like.

Or the support you need during those painful times of heartbreak that comes with complex flood of emotions like longing, jealousy and possessiveness. And the strength we all need to face our shadow side when we are triggered by our partners constantly.

Or Maybe you are at a point in your life where you are looking to breakthrough from the stuck patterns and habits of mind to live a happy and conscious life.

With the help of world-renowned experts, you can explore your sacred sexuality and any traumas related to it, meditation and transformational tools and practices.

We connect you with a community of Mentors who can guide you to explore the unexplored in and around YOU.

Your first step to the Inner Revolution !

How we do it ?

By tapping into our global network of masters, teachers, healers and guides we co-create courses, programs and masterclasses, guided meditations and more, that can be accessed online, from anywhere in the world, for anyone seeking transformation.


Through our online events we seek to bring a change in the system of education and raise awareness around many traditionally ignored, unspoken or taboo subjects. This is where you get to take a leap of faith into the unknown.
Explore the adventure of the outside and inner worlds. Live in the flow of life.


Our goal is to transform each individual into a successful, fulfilled and healthy being and a connected society as a whole.


We are actively creating a community of like minded people who intend to be the change they want to see in the world with the help of some of the most brilliant minds and evolution experts.


Although the journey is universal, the path is truly personal.

Welcome to Evolve Beings...
Explore. Expand. Connect.

About the founder


Mohini Srishati is a highly tantric and spiritual being. She is a versatile woman surfing in real life through different roles of being a mother, tantrica, business woman, evolution expert and a traveller. Her ability to relate is unconventional and open, in the most romantic and playful way. She is an avid learner and has spent time with many tantra teachers and is inspired by Osho, Goenka and Mooji. She is trained in tantra by Sarita among others.

Birthing a newborn is the most ecstatic feeling in the world, and to hold a precious soul in the crucible of your womb perhaps most orgasmic. Evolve Beings embodies the qualities of a newborn and her deeply seeded desire and passion for a community of the likeminded to explore and evolve.

This idea of creating such a community had been shaping up in her heart for many years. In 2018, with the birth of her first baby, Mayan, she decided to finally make Evolve Beings happen. After a lot of research and preparation this beautiful initiative was launched – www.evolvebeings.com

Welcome to her sacred space where the darkness, doubt and dilemmas are dispelled with the light and wisdom of ancient sciences, sacred practices and playfulness of seekers and maters alike.

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