Epic Lover

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The Epic Lover

Purpose, power, passion and presence

17th to 21st Nov 2023 | Goa

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A call for masculine to find their purpose, power, passion and presence.

In an ideal world a man is expected to stay strong and ferocious for everything he strives to be. The society expects ‘traditional masculine roles’ of the provider. As a man you are expected to follow a certain structure and way of living, influenced by social conditioning. This leads to a whole idea of living, working and just being a sole provider.

As a man you’re expected to perform in bed, perform at the workplace, perform your best everywhere…
Where is the opportunity in this life to discover a new side of yours, that is not blocked by society and its expectations?

What does it mean to be ‘a balanced masculine, one who seeks to know about life, love and emotions?’ This is what we would like to offer. An opportunity to experience ‘the hidden side of your masculinity’ to be present & learn the art of embodiment.

What does it mean to be a lover of life embracing your inner feminine, living this life without suppressing guilt or the fear of being judged?

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What is a men’s circle?

A tantric men’s circle is a powerful way to explore all aspects of your masculine self.
It is a community of Men who can support and challenge each other to step into a powerful deep masculine presence that honours the body, heart & spirit.

A call for masculine to find their purpose, power, passion and presence.

Dear brother,

  • Are you looking to love yourself, your emotional, mental & sensual self?
  • Are you looking to navigate through the path of tantra?
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Why should you attend a men’s circle?

If you like to discover the purpose of this life and evolve into a powerful masculine both inside and out. This retreat will help you to know yourself better and find your true nature. And ultimately you can understand your purpose of life by being more conscious and aware. Learn to embrace like an artist who has found their soul calling.

  • A journey of transformation,  into learning the new way of the masculine. 
  • Arrive at peace, be who you really are, explore your emotions and completely learn to let go of traditional notions of masculinity.
  • Come in this sacred union with yourself.

Tantra trusts in your body. Tantra trusts in your senses. Tantra trusts in your energy. Tantra trusts in you – in toto. Tantra does not deny anything but transforms everything
- Osho

Who are We

The purpose of the Medicine Man Retreat is to bring men together to begin a journey of tapping into their masculinity and inner freedom. Assisting and supporting you to live a free flowing, ever-changing, healing lifestyle.

We love to open the door to transformation for all those souls craving to seek the truth. Be it a burning desire to know more about your body, the truth of life or how to be successful in what you do or what true love can feel like. Our passion is to unite a community of like-minded people who intend to be the change they want to see in the world with the help of some of the most brilliant evolution experts.

Through our events we seek to bring a change in the system of education and raise awareness around many traditionally ignored, unspoken or taboo subjects. This is where you get to take a leap of faith into the unknown.

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What will you learn from being here? / What practises will be taught?

  • You will learn how to expand the spark of attraction with women and to live a juicy abundant life aligned with your vision and purpose.
  • How to work through your sensual energy to channel it
  • How to live that conscious life
  • How to integrate love
  • How to be vulnerable yet being in your power
  • About semen retention and conscious masturbation
  • To find your true and higher purpose in life by listening to your inner guide  tapping into your inner power and strength ,
  • About passion and intimacy
  • How to be present in everything you do

Tantra says you are the one- there is no need to have any confusion. You can be fused into one reality. There is no need to have any conflict, there is no need to be torn apart, there is no need to go insane. You can love all that is available and you can evolve it- with deep love, care,creativity, it can be evolved. The body is not the enemy of your soul, the body is just the sheath of your sword. The body is just the temple, it is your abode, it is not the enemy, it is your friend.(Osho)

Theme of the Retreat

Purpose, Power, Passion and Presence



The workshops will include a variety of tantric practices,
guided meditation, gentle movement and
dance therapy, shamanic embodiment practices.

Details of few of the workshops is as under:

Emotional Alchemy

How can we alchemize difficult emotions into creative action?
Hip Opening Practises
Hips carry the majority of our traumas, fear, sadness and guilt. A guided practice into experiencing release from the hips.  

Movement Practise

Movement Practice will encourage you to get curious about how you move your body. In today’s time we are glued to our desk jobs. Movement as meditation practices help to release blocked energies, release emotions, being present and connect with the body.

Sacred Sensuality For Men

All men want to be a Tantric God but sadly the reality is a tragic tale of unresolved past traumas, porn addiction etc. Master your sensual energy by forming deep connections through sex and procreation.

Now How! What Excites Her

Do you sometimes doubt what she likes or not? How to make her feel pleasurable? What can help you both to go deeper in intimacy?
Learn tricks & techniques to help her surrender in pleasure. Overcome those self-doubts about performance anxiety! Make her moan in pleasure.

Encountering Our True Sense of Potency

This is a technique of Tibetan Pulsing. Tibetan Pulsing Healing is a form of Yoga, as Yoga means Union with the Absolute through all its different aspects. It is also a Tantric Practice  as it is a system of Technik which allow us to transform matter into light, to transform animal consciousness  into a higher consciousness and in fact a to dissolve a sense of separation into One.

The motor  of Tibetan Pulsing Healing is the pulsebeat.A delicate and intimate space of healing of the circuit of the testicles, a very sensitive masculine organ that operates man’s  sense of potency. Learn more about the energy of the testicles. 

Evolution exercises

Different Phases of evolution of men- Competitiveness,  Empowerment, Opening the pelvic energy with breath/moves, Activating the hara center/personal power, Polarities of men, expressing with emotions

4 Archetypes of masculine power/Dancing

Connect with your archetypes, learn to identify with the different types of masculine energies.

Active Meditations

OSHO Active Meditations have been scientifically designed by Osho, over a long period of experimentation. They enable us to consciously express, experience, and release repressed feelings and emotions and to bring the body back to a relaxed harmony – and then the journey inwards can begin.

Evening Events

The evening events will be focused on integrating and celebrating what you’ve learnt each day at the retreat. We will wrap each day with a beautiful, fun and juicy celebration. Where all the men will get to celebrate themselves and each other in their true masculine form. Dance, Music, Games and some surprises!

Sound Healing

Healing session, for physical and emotional wellness. Sound healing is a powerful modality that takes you in a state of meditation and creates a balance in your being on mental, physical, energy and cellular level.

Meditation Session, Emotional Healing sessions and Group Meditations

Active mediations are methods devised by OSHO for the modern man. In this contemporary world of so much activity and fast paced lifestyle, it is not easy for people to sit calm in a relaxed state.

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  • Shared Accommodation for 4 nights/5 days
  • Breakfast, Lunch
  • Retreat and Workshop Access for all 5 Days
  • Tea/Coffee During the day


( Not Inclusive of Accommodation.)

Special offer

₹ 25,999 ₹ 22,499

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  • Retreat and Workshop Access
  • Tea/Coffee

We encourage men to purchase the ‘All Inclusive’ ticket. As it is a residential retreat, we would like to keep the energy contained and flowing through only the participants within the premise. Although, if you are already staying in Goa and have your own accommodation here, it is also possible to purchase a ticket which does not include accommodation.

Daily Schedule

Day events

Workshops will start at 7:30 AM on all days. All days will end at 10:00 PM with sufficient breaks for unwinding and eating meals. Detailed schedule for each day will be shared with the participants of the retreat.


Purpose, Power, Passion and Presence


For men who thrive from their masculine energy, there is always a need for a call of action. When disconnected from their purpose, it can feel as though you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere, going through the motions to just get by.


The concept of masculinity and power go way back in time to our ancestors. A true man was also a powerful one, comfortable in their role as a provider. It can also be one of the most attractive qualities a man possesses, staying true to his own power.


We often feel confused when it comes to intimacy , relationships and sensuality. With the help of Tantric practices, breathwork, connections and conversations. This mens circle would help you tap into your true sensual being.


Have you ever asked how I can be truly present in everything I do ? Yes, by following various meditation practices it is possible to tap into that higher consciousness and embody Shiva like quality of presence. Cultivate presence through self enquiry, understanding, meditation and deep state of silence.

This year together we will create a sacred space for us to:

  • Learn to celebrate life by being more juicy, alive and vibrant.
  • Explore rituals and practices to heal and awaken our sensuality and suppressed traumas
  • Overcome guilt and shame around our bodies
  • Understand sensual needs of both men and women and learn to reach the divine union between the two genders
  • Techniques to Integrate divine masculine and feminine both within and outside
  • Tap into our sensuality and creativity through exploring with dance, movement, singing circles, art therapy and more
  • Understanding to breakthrough conditioning, old patterns, habits of the mind, emotions and beliefs
  • Reconnect to our soul calling and find our highest potential in life
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This is for you:

If you are feeling stuck in life
If you’re seeking for a new perspective in life, relationships or your career
If you’re looking to meet like-minded men who aren’t afraid of facing all shades of their masculinity.
If you’re new to tantra and want to explore your sensuality deeper
If you want to go deeper within yourself
If you have never attended a men’s-only retreat
If you wish to renew and start life from a new perspective with all juiciness.
If you feel bored and tired of old patterns in life
If you wish to bring healing on physical, mental and emotional levels
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This is not for you:

If you cannot face reality without the need of drugs/ alcohol
If you are looking to meet other people running away from their emotions, families or sensuality

How to attain this Tantra vision? This is the map to turn you on, and to turn you in, and to turn you beyond.
- Osho

Our Dream

  • In this race of the mad-world we often miss or forget our unique god given gifts. This retreat is meant to help you to discover and explore these elements within you and celebrate it with your other brothers  in a safe space.
  • As sensuality is an ever evolving fluid state of being, we are an LGBTQ friendly retreat for brothers who wish to explore this side of themselves in the most non-judgemental manner. 
  • Our space is open for you to step into the world of tantra, especially if it’s your first time. Don’t worry about not knowing or meditating enough, you will be nurtured and well taken care of in our loving environment with other brothers.  Come and Be Yourself in this sacred circle.
  • This is a safe and non-judgemental gathering of men where understanding will be given on meditation tools and therapies that can help one with healing and igniting that something NEW or wondrous inside us and will teach us how to use it as a powerful tool in your daily life.
  • The Epic Lover Retreat Retreat aims to celebrate the reality of men’s sensuality, emotional fluidity, love, strength, healing, compassion, forgiveness, intuitive powers and expressive creativity.
  • As a conscious community our aim is to encourage the culture of practising equality of both the masculine and the feminine to create not only an outer union but also an inner union. In Tantra we practise sacred union of divine feminine and masculine with the aim of removing separation and bringing harmony.
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Alessandro Di Benedetto


In his teachings he combines years of experiences, continuous studies, training and practices.Driven by the passion for learning, exploring and self-development he has been traveling, working and studying around the globe for the past 9 years having the chance to work closely with humans from all walks of life. Facilitating workshops and retreats with both physical and spiritual practices.

He combines the spiritual teachings of Yoga – Tantra with breathwork practices, the art of Muay Thai, functional training and Cold therapy.

During his workshops he likes to use any input from the external world and the one within to stay present and fully aware of how different dynamics and energy affect our physical, energetic body and behaviours and how using different tools we can keep ourselves present and centred, staying fully present and allowing self-growth.

He believe that as humans we are able to do a lot more than we are taught, by embracing a conscious and healthy life-style, by rediscovering the importance of nature in our lives and using the great gifts that nature gave us.

His aim is to inspire people by giving them the right tools to create their own reality and reach their higher potentials, creating a general strength and faith in humanity.
More details on :
IG @naturcura

Mohini Srishati

Mohini Srishati is the founder of which is an online educational platform for spiritual and Tantra programs. She is the creator of Wonder Women festival, which is an event hosted online/offline to ignite many women hearts and souls. She is a versatile woman surfing in real life through different roles of being a mother, tantrica, business woman, evolution expert and a traveller. Her ability to relate is unconventional and open, in the most romantic and playful way. She is an avid learner and has spent time with many tantra teachers and is inspired by Osho, Goenka and Mooji. She is a certified Tantra teacher from Tantra essence.


Can I get a Visa to India?

We can share a Business visa invitation letter with you to help you facilitate your visa to India.

What kind of food will be served?

We will be serving Vegetarian meals during the retreat and will encourage participants to not smoke or drink alcohol or to consume any kind of external substances. 

If you are vegan or gluten free pls do let us know. Same is arranged at the venue.

What to bring during the retreat?

  • Sunglasses
  • Sun block cream
  • Massage cream or oil
  • 2 Sarongs
  • Comfortable clothing for movement based practices
  • 1 White dress
  • Blindfold
  • Yoga outfit
  • Swimming trunks for the pool/beach

Can I stay outside the resort or somewhere else?

If you are already staying in Goa, it is possible to just pay for a ticket and come to attend the retreat. Although we do encourage staying at the retreat centre to contain the energy of the group for these three days. You will be able to purchase a ticket for the event separately instead of the ‘Full Package’ ticket. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner inside the retreat will be at an extra cost.

Can I get assistance with booking a taxi from the airport to the retreat venue?

At your request we will be able to book a taxi from the airport to the retreat venue.

I'm scared if this is for me?

‘The Epic Lover’  is a wonderful opportunity to discover the world of Tantra for the first timer in a playful setting under the guidance of highly experienced Tantra and Spiritual teachers.

Maybe I'm not ready or this is not the time?

There is no requisite knowledge required for this retreat, and therefore there would be no reason why one would not be ready to embark on this journey of self-discovery. If you don’t feel ready now, the likelihood is you will never feel ready. If anything, this is the time to choose action over fear, to take a leap of faith into the unknown.

I have attended many men’s retreats and/or Tantra retreat. What is so different about yours?

Every experience is different. The team of teachers is very versatile yet complementary to each other to bring different flavours and depth to the space. This retreat is open for all practitioners from beginners to advanced level.


Please read these terms and conditions carefully before committing to the ‘Epic Lover Retreat’.
By making a booking I confirm that:

Retreat Fee
I am aware that the reservation of my ticket will only be confirmed when the reservation fee or full payment is received.

This retreat comes with a ‘No Questions- asked’ refund policy. If your plans changed or if you feel you don’t want to participate this year, don’t worry we got you covered. Just send us an email on [email protected] explaining your reason and we will get back to you with the details of how we can process the refund. You can claim your full refund up to 30 days from the start of the retreat.

Cancelling the Retreat
I am aware that if for any reason I need to cancel my retreat ticket the deposit fee of Rs 15000 is non-refundable. And if I cancel within 20 days before the retreat then the full amount deposited is non-refundable. If for any reason the retreat has to be cancelled I will be refunded 100% of the retreat fee.

Changes to Program
I understand that the program and workshops organizers plan to follow are possibly subject to slight change with unforeseen circumstances, although organizers will do their best and ensure to bring me the best quality if alternative arrangements are needed.

Photography and Filming during the Retreat
I am aware that during the retreat there may be professional photographers assigned by the retreat itself. I understand these photographs or filming may be used for promotional purposes. I am aware that I am responsible to communicate to the organizers at the registration of that retreat if I do not want to be seen in any photographs or filming during the retreat.

Health and Well-being
I am responsible for my own health and well-being. I will let organisers know if I have any concerns or queries regarding my health and while they do their best to accommodate my needs. I will listen to organisers and teachers advice in all matters concerning my Health and Safety.

Alcohol and Drugs
I am aware that the use of alcohol and drugs during the retreat are strictly prohibited. Smoking is only permitted in designated areas.

I am aware that if coming as a group of 5 or more men we will let organisers of the retreat know prior to confirming tickets for the retreat.