Orgasmic Bliss A Transformational Tantra & Meditation Retreat

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11th-13th February, 2023

Venue- Leela Cottages, Ashvem beach, North Goa

Orgasmic Bliss A Transformational Tantra Meditation Retreat

with Mohini Srishati and Akal

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Sex is divine creation, when two bodies & souls merge into a union. At a basic level it is the act for creating life. Sexual energy is a powerful tool for transformation & each of us has been blessed with this gift. The foundation of everything that exists, our sexual energy is sacred. In Ancient pagan cultures sex was considered as a sacred spiritual act that symbolises love, fertility, beauty, and pleasure.

The orgasmic experience of bliss gives humanity in the early days the idea of meditation, of looking for something better, more intense, more vital. Orgasm is nature’s indication that you contain within yourself a tremendous amount of blissfulness. It simply gives you a taste of it – then you can go on the search.

Feeling orgasmic does not always have to be connected to sex. Sexual energy within us can be redirected in multiple ways to be used for our own growth/ creativity. Learn to tap into your inner ecstasy by moving sexual energy from the root centre into the heart centre & beyond.

Learn the art of living each moment in life like it were an orgasm,

When sex, love & emotions are not connected, intimacy with oneself/ others feels empty or even forced. Once we learn how to establish a connection between the three, there is a sense of satisfaction in relating & connecting sex, love & emotions.

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What is Root Chakra?

The root chakra is located at the base of the spine, called muladhara. “Muladhara” means root, and is associated with the earth element, linked to our ability to dig in and feel firmly rooted in life. The colour associated with it is red. When this chakra is out of alignment, one may experience pain in the intestines and lower body.

This misalignment can manifest in many ways for the physical & mental body.

When aligned, one is able to stay calm, steady and not operate from a survival way of life.

What is Hara?

Located two fingers down the naval, in the centre of the abdomen, referred to as the hara, reside the organs that give us life. It is the womb where a woman receives the child. It is also the centre of emotions and sensuality. It is in our Hara or navel where we we received that life from our mother by way of the umbilical cord. As such, these areas are the focal point of energy in our body from which life is given, sustained, and taken away. It is also the centre of our gut.

What is Heart?

In tantric teachings, a lot of focus is given to the heart centre. The power of the heart, emotions & presence over how we feel is important.
Love flows naturally from heart to heart. As simple as holding hands, the pulse beat in one hand will begin to pulse in rhythm with the pulse beat in the other hand.
Heart is the bridge between the spirit and the hara. Most of us have not been taught to have a connection between these two.
When the heart centre is negatively charged, we experience sadness, we deny love for ourselves and miss a sense of magic in our lives.
When the heart is in alignment and open we recognize we are love and see it around us in all its manifestations.

What will you learn from this retreat ?

In this retreat, you will learn how to
Move away from using sexuality as a means of genital release.
Learn to make love as a ritual, through exploring the magic of orgasmic energy.
Use tantric techniques that focus on exploring the ecstasy of sexual energy.
Explore to channel & play with the orgasmic force within you, without genital release.

When you really become orgasmic, this happens: even without any genital sexuality you may feel orgasm happening.


When you really become orgasmic, this happens: even without any genital sexuality you may feel orgasm happening.

“Don’t be afraid of this orgasmicness. That’s what ecstasy is: to be orgasmic without any sex. By and by orgasm will become non-sexual. Then anything gives you an orgasm and you can have as much orgasm as possible. The ultimate state of orgasm is to live in it continuously; then each moment is orgasmic. Eating, there is orgasm, taking a shower, there is orgasm. Moving, looking at the trees, you are orgasmic. That is the goal of Tantra: to make you so orgasmic that each act becomes ecstatic and becomes free of sex.
“Something immensely valuable is by the corner. Receive it!”

Osho, The Open Secret

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VENUE - Leela Cottages


Leela Cottages
Ashvem beach, North Goa

What is Tibetan Pulsing ?

Tibetan Pulsing is a deep work within the nervous system which touches both the psychological and physiological aspects of a person. It is based on the understanding that healing is a process of transformation and that illness is an unbalance due to negative electrical charges in the nervous system. Our work is to produce a bioelectrical flow of energy with positive charge with help of the pulse beat of the heart and to direct it through the electrical circuits feeding the specific organs to remove those negative blocks. As we are working on the nervous system, the electrical flow through the pulse beat will flush and transform both the physical as well as the psychological aspects connected with it. Healing occurs when we are able to see and disconnect from the fixed negative patterns in our nervous system.


What time does the retreat start & end?

On 11th February, registration starts at 9:30am followed by opening ceremony at 10:30 am. On 13th February the retreat will finish at 6:00 pm followed by dinner.

About the facilitator

Mohini Srishati

Tantrica, life coach & Sex educator

Mohini Srishati is the founder of which is an online educational platform for spiritual and Tantra programs. She is the creator of Wonder Women festival, which is an event hosted online/offline to ignite many women’s hearts and souls. She is a versatile woman surfing in real life through different roles of being a mother, tantrica, business woman, evolution expert and a traveller. Her ability to relate is unconventional and open, in the most romantic and playful way. She is an avid learner and has spent time with many tantra teachers and is inspired by Osho, Goenka and Mooji. She is a certified Tantra teacher from Tantra essence.


It was my recent fortune to take an experience of a private sessions with mohini...this was an experience that touched and opened up the internal energy systems that one had not known before...the body of the other became translucent and one could feel an energy of love and awareness....take over...

I am truly grateful to mohini for customising the session as per the flow of the moment...and holding a space of tremendous love and..clarity....this enabled me to go deeper and deeper with more ease....and look within to discover a newness that was undiscovered release pains unknown..and the ability to expand to finer vibrations...

This session for me was an experience of accessing the divine through the presence of another where both the individuals are not present....and only the feelings of each other's beings are there....

Thank you mohini for giving me a chance to experience this...your love, strength and tender care has allowed me to enhance as a person...

With gratitude

Shantanu, KolkataFebruary 2022
About the facilitator


Akal specialises in Tibetan pulsing Healing . She arrived from Italy in 88 to meet her Master Osho . She sat blessed by his presence till 91 when he left his body. On the day of Osho’s departure, working on the
heart centre, she encounters an ancient Tibetan Tantric Technique, Tibetan Pulsing yoga and she is deeply touched. During the following nine years she will be fully involved in this inside Osho Ashram and
in Italy , working closely with Sw. Shantam Dheeraj, the Teacher and Master who created the work and devoted his life to form a whole healing system and a map of human consciousness. During this period of formation she gave sessions and lead groups.. She created a group for couples : The Kiss of the Dragon , a journey addressed to couples and friends to explore the powerful energies of being together.
After Dheeraj’s death in Bagni di Lucca Italy in 98, she continued the work for two more years and in 2000 she left the energy work and moved back to India, settling in Goa.
A few months ago and after 22 years she felt the strong pull to start the work again. She is now giving sessions and leading events.

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