Alchemy of Love

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Alchemy of Love

On-line Love Workshop with Sarani Vilionyte

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About the Workshop:

To love and be loved is not what we are given, its what we need to learn.

At school we were taught mathematics, history, but no one was teaching us about LOVE!

‘Alchemy of LOVE’ immersion will bring understanding on:

  • Self Love
  • Sexual Love
  • Romantic Love
  • Spiritual dimension of Love
Online Love Workshop

In this course you will experience:

  • Understanding different ways of love expression
  • Heal the wounds of the heart from the past
  • How the inner child sabotages our relationships with ourselves and the other
  • Learn how to transform negative emotions into practice that deepens love and intimacy
  • Three stages of Love
  • How Masculine and Feminine express and receives love
  • A map to a mans heart
  • Sex as love practise
  • Open up the body techniques for the energy flow
  • Learn the art of listening to the heart and learning to respond to life from loving space
  • Learn to love the feminine dark side and use it to live and love more fully
  • How to be a magnetic woman
  • Courageous heart

'Alchemy of Love' is for all the Women who would love to become LOVERS of life!
Ready to experience themselves in the bright light and awareness.

Love is not something we always knew, we do not automatically know how to do it well, especially when it comes to loving ourselves and feeling worthy of being loved by another.

  • Day 1: What love is? In this class we will look into the myth of romantic love and what is behind blind attraction. Bring the understanding of 3 stages of love.
  • Day 2: Inner child: How the inner child sabotage the relationships and keeps us away from true Love. Learn to connect to the sensitive and beautiful part of us that is longing to come out, be healed and start rejoicing its own being and sharing with beloved ones.
  • Day 3: Inner man: Through understanding tantric principles, we will learn new ways to ignite and use the masculinity when we need it. That brings a lot of awareness and joy in our daily living and in partnership.
  • Day 4: Inner woman: In this class we will bring back what is natural to women and strengthen with the tantra meditations and psychological understanding our true and authentic feminine wisdom and ability effortless to share love.
  • Day 5: Integration, acceptance, tantra wisdom: Learn methods how to take care of yourself and love yourself when you are in a conflict, emotional breakdown or feeling unsafe. Bring integration and acceptance of sexual, biological, romantic and spiritual LOVE so we can experience toward deeper connection and wholeness.

Everyday we will have an introduction on the topic with the practice followed with Q&A and homework to practice.

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 120.00 only

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About the facilitator

Sarani Vilionyte

Sarani has been on the path of conscious sciences and meditation for over 20 years. She studied with several masters and enlightened mystics in India, Japan, Brazil.

Her studies range from the revolutionary roots of Vigyan Bhairav Tantra and Osho meditations to the studies of Primal Therapy with the Dr. Arthur Janov Institute in the USA. Learning her skills from her devotion to the different traditions from ancient to modern forms of Tantra, and her expertise in the science of Primal Therapy and Intuitive readings affords her a balance between therapy and meditation, love and consciousness.

Sarani’s unique skill set has made her a very popular teacher for women groups, tantra for singles and tantra for couples in Lithuania, China, Turkey, Bulgaria, Russia, Georgia and USA for over 15 years. Her passion about the mystery of love and relationships and helping people has transformed thousands of lives worldwide.

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I am so excited about the course "Tantric woman" that i have done with Sarani. Her way of delivering the message to women is very understandable and clear. There is a lot of fun and laughter in the classes and at the same time such a depth. I had difficulty accepting my body. Always was comparing with other women. I was trying to be perfect and there was so much tension in my life as i could not reach that ideal self that i created in my mind though magazines and Instagram images. Sarani showed me the way to self love in a very easy and playful way, that i fell in love with myself. Thank you!

I spend years trying to understand why men do not notice me. I was just a friend for them. And since i found Sarani and her courses my life has changed! I am using all the techniques and practises that Sarani is sharing with us and they work!! I am getting invitations and offers to meet. Men are bringing me flowers and chocolates. For now i am enjoying so much the attention as my confidence and trust came back. Sarani, you are such an inspiration for many women!

I always was the one who knew everything better then others. Especially i was in competition with men. I even looked down at my husband. I was living my life in a male role. And my heart was empty and i cried at nights and could not understand why my relationship is breaking apart. A friend recommended Saranis workshops for women. In general I did not trust feminine circles and women wearing skirts. I was a business woman. But Saranis integrity and her skills of being in business and a meditation, tantra teacher created a safe space for me to open up. With her help i could look what is behind "business woman" mask. The journey was worth taking! After expressing hidden anger and understanding my unconscious pattern, finally i connected with my feminine side. I became softer and more radiant. Our relationship took level with the commitment from the heart.

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