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What can you consult or learn in a private session with Mohini. She has been on the path of Tantra and meditation since the age of 18 and has learned from different masters and teachers.

Would like to offer:

  • how to be a multi orgasmic man/woman and open to sexuality and sensuality
  • ejaculation control or semen retention,
  • couple counselling
  • how to cultivate peace, self love and harmony in life
  • how to navigate in different roles of being a mother , businesswoman, Tantrica and homemaker
  • learn different meditation and healing practices
  • how to heal in heart breaks and open to the source of love
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About Mohini Srishati


Mohini Srishati is a highly tantric and spiritual being. She is a versatile woman surfing in real life through different roles of being a mother, tantrica, business woman, evolution expert and a traveller. Her ability to relate is unconventional and open, in the most romantic and playful way. She is an avid learner and has spent time with many tantra teachers and is inspired by Osho, Goenka and Mooji. She is trained in tantra by Ma Anand Sarita among others.

Birthing a newborn is the most ecstatic feeling in the world, and to hold a precious soul in the crucible of your womb perhaps most orgasmic. Evolve Beings embodies the qualities of a newborn and her deeply seeded desire and passion for a community of the likeminded to explore and evolve.

This idea of creating such a community had been shaping up in her heart for many years. In 2018, with the birth of her first baby, Mayan, she decided to finally make Evolve Beings happen. After a lot of research and preparation this beautiful initiative was launched –

Welcome to her sacred space where the darkness, doubt and dilemmas are dispelled with the light and wisdom of ancient sciences, sacred practices and playfulness of seekers and masters alike.

Watch here some of the free online offerings and guided practices from Mohini

Online course with Mohini Srishati

Kama the Path to Moksha
An Introduction to the Tantric Path with Mohini Srishati


I always wanted to experience the magic of spiritual path but couldn’t quite get the proper guidance to start. As life has its own way, I was diagnosed with depression and I knew I didn't want to live my life this way, hence, I wanted to fight it strongly. During these tough times, I came across this Tantra yoga and meditation retreat happening in Goa hosted by Mohini Srishati. Little did I know what Tantra is, the word ‘retreat’ was enough for me to dive into it. Super glad to have taken this retreat that came in exactly when I needed it the most. Special thanks to Mohini Srishati. The moment she walks in, the way her body moves, her voice, her hair, everything about her is magical and powerful and happy. I couldn’t have gotten the experience I got if it wasn't for her.
Meditation has never been my cup of tea until it was her voice and her way that took me to a different world of exploring myself, gaining my confidence back. It was an amazing acceptance that I have been waiting for.
This lady is the symbol of Courage, Boldness, Freedom, Strength, Love, Warmth, Smartness and Magic. She inspires me to be ME.
Thank you so much for everything.
More power to you!

Komal PareekMumbai

Mohini and her two companion facilitators created a whole secret space where women could discover and enlighten magic within themselves. It was a safe, harmonious, feminine, spiritual and sensual retreat full of love and sharing. So much happening within a week; so much tears, much vulnerability, self expression, much care and kindness, much joy and fun, exploration and more! Thank you for a wonderful female tantric experience.

Diana GiraldoColombia

Recently, I came across a program – ‘Wonder Women Retreat’ - organised by Evolve Beings Initiative and decided to attend. It was a retreat of creating a safe circle for women to open up and heal their emotional traumas in many different ways.

I would like to share my personal experience here. I feel - creating these safe and non-judgemental circles, where you can be yourself without putting on the masks of social conditioning and cultural requirements, goes a long way in the healing process of emotional wounds which we tend to collect during the process of life. We as humans have a strong need to be our authentic self to feel enriched and fulfilled. Sadly, we don’t get much support from our own gender in most of our life situations. Most of us suffer many common problems but do not have the courage, awareness or outreach to stand up for each other. Getting validated through relating to others can help us accept ourselves more readily, and to build a healthy sense of self. A subconscious misplaced or unhealthy belief can have tremendous power over us until it’s discovered and addressed.

In the course of this program, many of the unhealthy beliefs get revealed during the discussions with other participants who have their own journeys and learnings. This mutually supportive community helps us in changing our perceptions through meditations, sharing circles, healing modalities, creative expressions and even entertainment. I experienced some undefined subconscious pain release during one of the rituals in the program, bringing my inner self to a much calmer and serene state. I came back with much more self-awareness and insights into my faulty beliefs, enabling me to deal with them. I personally want to thank Shrishti to take this brave step to address women sexuality and create awareness around our needs and beliefs.

Sisterhood is a powerful thing. We as women think and feel differently from men. Although they fulfil us in different ways, sisterhood does it in a very unique way. I hope we continue on the path of creating these strong bonds of sisterhood.

Sonie SindhuDharamshala

Mohini has a soft essence in her approach. She understands individual needs. Also one of the vibrant thing about working with her was to be guided gently throughout the process. So grateful to be held by her.


This is Swami Anand Kamlesh aka Kamlesh Pandey, an Osho disciple since 1973. I has attended Osho’s discourses on Vigyan Bhairava Tantra in 1971-72 at Woodland Apartments, Mumbai. Watched yesterday your interview on NIN Live and got your number from Shweta (have been a regular on NIN Live fighting OIF to save Osho’s legacy, samadhi and commune). You certainly know your stuff and are able to communicate with a disarming and infectious purity of your smile. Osho would have been thrilled to know his message of Tantra is being taken to the people so beautifully by a woman.

Swami Anand Kamlesh aka Kamlesh Pandey

IT was my recent fortune to take an experience of a private sessions with mohini...this was an experience that touched and opened up the internal energy systems that one had not known before...the body of the other became translucent and one could feel an energy of love and awareness....take over...
I am truly grateful to mohini for customising the session as per the flow of the moment...and holding a space of tremendous love and..clarity....this enabled me to go deeper and deeper with more ease....and look within to discover a newness that was undiscovered release pains unknown..and the ability to expand to finer vibrations...
This session for me was an experience of accessing the divine through the presence of another where both the individuals are not present....and only the feelings of each other's beings are there....
Thank you mohini for giving me a chance to experience this...your love, strength and tender care has allowed me to enhance as a person...
With gratitude

ShantanuKolkata, February 2022

On the last day of our Goa trip we went in for a Tantra session with Mohini Srishati.
Idk if I’m ready to share the details of the session yet, but one of the biggest realizations that came through was when we were just asked to sit back and receive love from the other.
Nothing doing. Just receiving touch, warmth, love.
We realised that the depths to which we allow ourselves to receive translate into how much we give in a relationship.
Deep down, all of us want to receive love, support, joy and abundance. But how many of us are really OPEN to receiving it? Really open to experiencing what we receive FULLY?
How many of us are willing to surrender our mind’s ifs and buts and need to know and control?
How many of us are willing to keep our hearts open when we most want to close it?
I thought my heart was already pretty open. 😛 But the session cracked me open and reminded me that we’re all continuously unfolding.
Thank you Mohini Srishati for melting down walls between us that we weren’t consciously aware of.
It feels like the beginning of something super special

Anvishka Shetty

Grateful for the scholarship. It was one of the best experiences I've had in my life so far! Once again want to express my gratitude towards Mohini and evolve beings ❤❤❤


A few weeks ago, I had the absolute joy and fortune of attending an intensive all Women’s retreat in Rishikesh that was organised by Evolve Beings. How much of a fortune I was tapping into was something I was only going to realise a few days into the retreat. Mohini’s sessions inspired love and understanding for the path of Tantra, her sessions
taught us how it was paramount to not just have acceptance for our body but to have a deep love and appreciation for it, for every part of it whether perfect or not because at the end of the day, everything is sacred, most of all our body, the vessel that carries our soul.These sessions by Mohini taught us that life has to be consumed like art, slowly while fully taking in every sensation that it has to offer. Even the things that are not so pleasant we deal with them by not running from them but by making them conscious, by acknowledging them and then letting them go. Her sessions reminded us of how beautiful and fortunate we are to be born in women’s bodies, to appreciate every single contour of our body whether old or new, big or small and to enjoy this vessel, to enjoy pleasure, to bathe in self-love in our own unique ways thereby moving one step closer to healing regressive generational blocks and stepping into our own divinity.

Anvita RajMumbai

The experience I had with Evolve beings was nothing short of surreal. After having followed them on Instagram for a long time, I finally got a chance to attend their Meditation in Goa. I experienced utmost peace and joy. I cannot possibly express my gratitude in words.

I also got a chance to attend their Sensuality session for girls. The experience made me go deep into my own self and provided a safe space to experience and express to the fullest. Enjoying the beauty of my own senses so deeply made me realise how distracted I had been before this. These few hours with myself and with the fellow ladies just magically brought me closer to my inner being. I loved how for a few hours, we dropped all that we had acquired from the outside world and just went within. It felt so light and liberating. Mohini's presence is reassuring and calming and her sense of purpose is so clear in all her workshops. Guys, please keep doing what you are doing. The world needs many more like you!

Words are less to express such experiences and one can only relate to this feeling after attending the workshops.
It's magical, it's beautiful.

Aastha GuptaBangalore

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